Apple iOS: standard apps soon deleted

Included iOS apps that do not require users to be modified or canceled in the future.

W it an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch buys, receives not only the device, but also the operating system iOS. And that comes with lots of pre-installed apps, for example, weather, music, stock quotes, calendar, photos or contacts. While some of these apps are essential important for the work with the device (for example, the phone module), many users would like to do without one or the other app, they do not use and unnecessarily takes up space. not yet anyway – The included Apple apps can not be deleted: Unfortunately this is not.

iOS 9: The most important innovations at a glance

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App-erase function: Apple working on solution

Tim Cook and his team is the anger of users well aware. In an interview with the IT portal “Buzzfeed” the Apple CEO 2015 already took on this issue explicitly, and said that you can think about a solution to the problem and have the wishes of the customer in mind. It is quite possible, therefore, that already the deletion of default apps is made possible in a future iOS versions. Candidates would be, for example, the Stocks app, the Apple Picks app or newsstand – all applications that do not use a lot of users and therefore far banish for example in an extra folder.

Notes in iTunes

In the latest version of the music and iDevice Management iTunes website AppAdvice has apparently found the first evidence that Apple implements the ardent customer soon into action. Deep in the code of the software slumbers thus a new variable, which is called “isFirstPartyHideableApp”, ie translated “corresponds to a collapsible Apple App”. Currently Apple has enabled this variable in any app, but at least apparently the possibility to do so. If this were done, it would mean that some apps can be deleted from the home screen officially and without chopping future.