Apple iPad 2: the reference?

Long expected, iPad 2 was born in March, a little more than one after the release of the iPad, the tablet behind the popularity of this type of devices. What can we learn from the iPad 2? What are the main new? So many questions to which this test will attempt to answer! You can also find the full review of the iPad 2.

Design and Ergonomics Aesthetically, the iPad 2 appears very similar to its predecessor. The 9.7-inch screen still occupies the heart of the tablet while it is now broken down into color versions: white and black according to taste, knowing that the color choice concerns only the edge of the screen.

Thinner than the first generation iPad (8.8 mm against 13.4 mm), the iPad 2 is also slightly more compact: going from 18.9 cm to 18.5 cm wide. A special effort seems to have been done on the weight of the unit which passes 690 grams for the WiFi 32GB model first generation to 604 grams for the same second-generation model.

The back of the device seems inherited latest iPod Touch and if we find a noble material in the case of brushed aluminum, the edges are now rounded. The grip is considerably improved when in front edges of the screen are now almost flush.


first generation iPad and iPad 2 side by side © iPad vs iPad2 3 © iPad vs iPad2 ©

Thinner, the iPad 2 also has a rounded hull © iPad vs iPad2 6

For the rest, there are below the traditional middle button screen, while the unit’s right edge has the volume control button and the lock button. It is now programmable from iOS and can help block the screen orientation change or switch to silent mode. The iPad 2’s summit include a start button and a headphone jack to mini-jack format. A microphone also betrays its presence there. The base of the iPad 2 is stuck iPod dock connector while Apple has reviewed the work of the hull so that the sound of the speaker can be heard via a few small holes.

© iPad2 2 © iPad vs iPad2 iPad2 hp 4 © © iPad2 jack © iPad2 Camera back

The big news of the iPad 2 takes course to the emergence of webcams found on the top left of the back of the unit and a central position just above the screen. While the former will allow taking pictures / videos, the second is intended for the use of FaceTime, Apple’s video-chat service.