Apple iPad in the test: tablet PC and e-reader with UMTS

Apple iPad: Tips & Tricks

In some places the proverbial simplicity of the iPad can be desired. These tips facilitate operation.

The Best Tips & Tricks for the iPad

What can the iPad?

A pple praises his iPad as a “magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price”. Critics counter that it is technically not much more than a big iPod touch. However, through more size and more powerful components, the iPad new options: It starts quickly and is good for convenient browsing and e-mailing – at home via WLAN, traveling via UMTS. The entry-level version of the iPad has already tested this website, now shows the UMTS version with GPS sensor to navigate what they draufhat.

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Screen: scratch-resistant and brilliant

The iPad has a 9.7-inch 4: 3 display with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. It is very sharp, bright and brilliant. In the test the screen in direct sunlight due to strong reflections was hard to tell. Glass surface and aluminum back are little scratch prone.

intuitive operation

The control with specific gestures and multiple fingers simultaneously on the 25 centimeter large multitouch screen works just as smooth and fast as the iPhone. Even newcomers to the Apple world come with the intuitive operation clear right away. About Apple’s iTunes software management and the coupled Internet Shop allows the tablet PC with music, videos, games and apps to fill. The perfect interaction of software, shop and device works only via iTunes. The App Store is now romp over 160,000 programs. Many are already as high resolution iPad version, the other can still install, then run the “iPhone small-format” (320×480 pixels). By swiping enlarge the applications. This looks partially pixelated, but the operation is therefore easier.

Apple iPad: Tablet PC

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The iPad from Apple in detail

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Contact Scheu: Connections and Expandability

The hardware is not very flexible: For a simple memory card, the iPad needs a “Camera Connection Kit” – with the fee-based accessories, the iPad but upload only photos. In addition to the memory card slot Apple dispensed with a USB port, the other features of each notebook. Channels, such as via DVB-T or DVB-C is neither possible nor retrofitted. Also, the memory is not expandable. A full computer replacement, the iPad is not therefore. Even when loading a Windows operating system, there are some problems.

Flott go – data speed and GPS reception

With up to 6,850 kilobits per second (kbps) via UMTS, the iPad 3G is very fast. The wireless pace Apple could even increase. The iPad 3G allows meter precise determination via GPS. Because the device the position but can also determine WiFi and cellular transmitter in the area, the location works even amazingly well and quickly in buildings.

Apple iPad: The strengths and weaknesses of tablet PCs

10 functions

How good is the iPad?

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UMTS only by micro-SIM

The good news: Apple has taken for the iPad not exclusive partners on board. In other words, you get the tablet computers wherever there are Apple products. In addition, no SIM or Netlock exists. This means that you get on the Internet with the UMTS iPad over all mobile networks and with each provider. The bad news: Who thinks he can push the SIM card of his mobile phone or smartphone in the iPad and start surfing immediately mistaken. In the Apple tablet the conventional SIM cards do not fit! To connect the iPad to the Internet, you need a micro-SIM card. Handyman cutting a conventional SIM card in the form. Caution: You can destroy the card here. In conventional devices, it no longer works after trimming. Many cellular providers offer special iPad rates. this website presents them in the overview.

Data plans for the iPad

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iPad rates

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Battery life: Dauerläufer iPad

With his perseverance beats Apple’s tablet PC every notebook: In standby the iPad 3G held in Test almost four weeks when listening to music with the screen is off by 36 hours. Although a permanent UMTS connection about the e-mail reception reduces the running time, but even the permanent surfing the Internet via UMTS makes the battery only after seven hours limp – even when Internet via wireless over an hour later.

Test Conclusion: What to know

Control of the iPad works fluid and intuitive, even beginners can be found as quickly master. Much praise goes also to the screen with rich 24.6 centimeters diagonal. Thanks to the high resolution, the display is very sharp, bright and contrasty. Another plus point is the battery, the approximately eight hours by stopped surfing. Lean diet: Connections are the iPad in short supply. USB ports and a memory card slot is missing, as a camera. Programs for the iPad are available only on the Apple App Store – there’s but a wide selection at reasonable prices.

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Very good operability

High image quality


Long battery life


Does not show Flash content

Plays a few audio / video formats

Memory not expandable

No camera

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Conclusion: Apple iPad WiFi + 3G

Although Apple’s iPad is still not perfect, but is currently virtually unrivaled. Other manufacturers are developing alternatives – with larger and higher-resolution displays, expandability and open software concepts. But if the industry giants Microsoft, HP and Google bring their tablets finally on the market, Apple has probably already laid the foundation for the next domination in a segment to iPhone and iPod. According to studies, has Apple’s iPod family has a market share of over 70 percent of all MP3 players sold.

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