Apple iPhone to prepare an OLED curved screen

Boldness would she definitely changed sides? According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Apple would provide not two but three new iPhone for 2017. We would find the usual models 4.7 and 5.5 inches, supplemented by another device with 5.5-inch curved edges “on both sides” , the source of the Asian media. In other words, a configuration identical to that of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Edge Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. With a few months late;. At the same time, says analyst David Hsieh at Nikkei this model “premium “would be the only one to benefit from OLED panel when the other two would just LTPS technology, derived from the LCD. If the hypothesis were to be confirmed, Apple should offer a new device even more expensive, or lower the price of its smartphones flat screen.

Rumors about the arrival of a curved screen iPhone are not new. But having been raised in 2013, they are becoming more insistent since March. For Apple, 2017 is an opportunity to celebrate ten years of the iPhone. As analysts said, the company wants to slow down the renewal cycle of its products, through two to three years. With an iPhone version 2016 should not decide with the existing models, next year has everything to be one of renewal.