Apple opens the doors of its labs on TV

Journey down the corridors of Apple. The 60 Minutes of CBS was privileged to enter several times in the den of the firm in Cupertino and talk at length with CEO Tim Cook.

But the highlight of the subject, it is the design of the office of images, which looks just like an Apple Store. It must be said that the furniture is the same with these large wooden tables designed by Jonathan Ive, the chief designer and vice president of Apple. The opening of this lab to television cameras is outstanding. But there will be no scoop. Most tables are covered with a black cloth to preserve the confidentiality of future products (as seen in the above image). And it is in this surreal setting the journalist Charlie Rose leads his interview.

Each tenth of a millimeter of our products is sacred

The 22 designers imagine here the prototypes which then will go into production. IPhone 6 and 6 Plus, 10 models of different sizes were proposed prior to the selected current versions. The final decision is always taken on the basis of feeling and emotion that products emit, not for rational reasons, according to Jonathan Ive.

It also showed the cameras how he designed the Apple Watch. It started with a sketch of the watch case which was then scanned into a three-dimensional model and made from an aluminum block with numerical control available to on-site designers. The prototype was then sanded and polished by hand by skilled craftsmen. Ive’s team oversaw every detail of design, including testing hundreds of different hues and shades of red, blue and yellow bracelets.

Ive worked closely with the engineering director Dan Riccio. Together they faced many challenges as do the new Macbook finer and lighter notebook or create a battery with sufficient power to last the day, while remaining small .; “Every tenth of a millimeter of our products is sacred” ensures Dan Riccio reminiscent qu’interviennent as mechanical designers, chemists toolmakers and software engineers on each product.

Graham Townsend, manager pictures modules, leading a team of 800 engineers and other specialists working only on the photo sensor of the iPhone. This small object that fits in the palm of a hand contains more than 200 components. And taking a single photo requires 24 million because of the optical stabilizer which allows operations to correct the defects with a trembling hand.

CBS also had the right to tour of a scale model of an Apple Store. This is where Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry, which now occupies the shops of the firm, working on the design of the 469 open Apple Store in the world. pristine white floor and green walls, Ahrendts constantly tests new way of presenting products. “The most important is that it remains dynamic, immersive, emotional,” she says. Still leads with the hope of provoking a wow effect.

Who can imagine that the camera of the iPhone days we lengths to manipulate device has been developed by 800 engineers. It’s impressive !

Still happy…