Apple pays millions to control investigations in Italy

EUR 318 million tax payment – for Apple are the more or less Peanuts.

H ow the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” reports, the iPhone group had the payment agreed to put an end to the process in Milan. Apple itself initially did not comment on the report, the Italian tax authorities will not comment on the information.

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880 million paid too little

The Italian authorities accused Apple of having paid in the country 2008-2013 of EUR 880 million too little. It would be the first known agreement from Apple to control investigations in Europe. Apple for more than two decades, is already one of the companies that rely on the favorable tax treatment in Ireland. Here, for example, intellectual property is located in a separate subsidiary, make payments to the other subsidiaries.

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Tax deal under scrutiny

The Group always stresses that he will pay all taxes due. In recent years, the tax rate was thus around 25 percent, which is roughly on a par with other international companies. The EU Commission is for years the tax deal from Apple in Ireland. If they approach the Irish Government see an unauthorized aid to strengthen the economic location, could threaten high arrears. (With material of dpa.)