Apple vs HTC: Is Android an invention of Cupertino?

Served the Android inventors at Apple? This would result in a “sensation” of a different kind …

Better well stolen than badly invented itself?

In the current case against the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC Apple brought to the International Trade Commission (ITC, International Trade Commission) a new argument from the poison cabinet: Android Father Andy Rubin had during his Apple-employment in the early 90s to the development of Android inspiration. In the blog of the Munich patent specialist Florian Mueller (Foss patent) there are to many (English) Background information.

The patent 263

According to HTC Ruby began in the company General Magic and Danger with the development of Android. Apple’s lawyers doubt that in a letter to the Authority: “The history of Android and Mr. Rubin not start, as HTC would like to believe the Commission, at General Magic or Danger mid 90s. In reality, Mr. Rubin began his career in the early nineties as a low-level engineer at Apple and reported to the inventors of the patent 263 exactly at the time, was developed as the patent “Indeed, Rubin worked between 1989 and 1992 for Apple. – inter alia, on a real-time programming, which is now protected by US patent 6,343,263.

Time you win, sometimes …

Now Apple has always responded somewhat bitchy when the own market shares are in danger. That was in 1988 as the Group for six years led an epochal process against Microsoft. And lost. Because not Apple invented the graphical user interface – but Xerox. If the end of the current process look different, would have far-reaching consequences: it turns out that the Android lead developer actually served when Apple patent, had not only HTC a problem – other Android licensees, and especially Google itself would then expect mail from Apple’s legal department. (Cs)