Apple: Warren Buffett believes in equity

Warren Buffett familiar Apple and assumes that the stock recovers.

E or the first time since 2003, reported Apple declining sales, while confidence in the technology group seems to have taken no comprehensive damage to the apple. Recently, the legendary billionaire US investor Warren Buffett spoke up: So he was confident that it soon improving again for the price of Apple stock. His holding company Berkshire Hathaway currently holds 9.8 million shares for about 900 million dollars (796 million euros), in March they were still worth more than a billion dollars.

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Buffett does not think of sale

Unlike major investor Carl Icahn, who has sold his shares due to differences with the group, the 85-year-old Buffett remains persistently and holds fast to his Apple shares. With Berkshire Hathaway currently the third richest person in the world holds (private assets, according to Bloomberg: 66 billion US dollars) further investments in the IT company IBM worth 12 billion US dollars. In addition, he is likely to grab his friend Dan Gilbert at Yahoo sale under the arms, his investments should be hedged. However, Treasury shares he does not want to purchase.

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Tim Cook accused investors

The price of Apple’s stock has experienced in the last twelve months a slump after the turnover has declined by more than a decade and Icahn sold his shares because of concerns about the Chinese market. Meanwhile responded Apple CEO Tim Cook angrily and threw his investors before an overreaction. The Group continues to write every quarter billion profits, but investors seem to have doubts about the growth of the company. Buffett’s announcement brought on whit an increase in the price of Apple’s stock by about 1 percent, after it had fallen in the previous week from 108 to 90 dollars.