Apple: water pistol instead Force Emoji

In addition to a water pistol the new iOS gets 10 the rainbow flag and more feminine emoji.

W ith the release of the new iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad available from autumn more than 100 new and revised emoji available. Apple has announced a politically correct feature for the operating system.

More equality

The update, which is currently still in the test phase, ensure greater equality. According to Apple, you have revised existing emoji, so there are now more female athletes and designs for various professions. Among other things now are a weightlifter, a surfer, a construction worker and a private detective to the assortment.

Controversial Gun Emoji

The currently but most interesting new feature is the removal of the guns-emoji. The controversial subject is a delicate matter quite some time now. Thus, a French court ruled even that the symbol of a death threat could amount. It sentenced a man to six months in prison because he had his ex-girlfriend sent the motif guns as a threat. Last year, a group called “New York Against Gun Violence” launched ( “New York against the force of arms”) with its website a campaign against Apple’s Gun Emoji.

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Toy gun instead Force Motif

Apple public opinion has now taken to heart and the controversial icon replaced by a green water pistol. The company also promised to cooperate very closely with the Unicode Consortium, which decides on standards and ultimately ensures obtain authorization which emoji. They want to ensure that popular Emoji designs reflect the diversity of people everywhere, so Apple. In addition to the new toy gun and iOS leads 10 and the rainbow flag and more families motifs as a single father a.