Apple: Weaker iPhone sales

Tim Cook calls it a break: Apple sold the first time since the launch of the device less iPhones.

A pple is the first time less iPhones: After 13 years of records showing the quarterly figures fell. Around 51.2 million iPhones were in the first three months of the year over the counter. That’s 16 percent less than the same period, 2015.

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Apple: Both the earnings collapses

Established in 2007, placed on the market iPhone has fueled the growth of Apple and is the group’s single most important product. It brings a roughly two-thirds of the business. Therefore, the decrease in sales hit directly by the profit: decreased by 22 percent. Nevertheless, Apple earned in the first quarter still 10.5 billion US dollars (9.3 billion euros). The share lost after trading temporarily around 8 percent. Thus fell Apple’s market capitalization of around 40 billion US dollars – as much as the video service Netflix brings total on the balance.

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No chance in developing countries

CEO Tim Cook spoke of a “pause” in the growth and made for the declines mainly an “economic headwind” responsible, who have the growth in the smartphone market as a whole stall. “The iPhone business is healthy,” said Cook. Nevertheless, Apple has a problem: In developing and emerging markets are gradually more and more people create a smartphone, there but effective devices are in demand. but Apple does not provide cheap smartphones and does not benefit from this growing market.

PC market: Macs do not sell more better

The quite some time shrinking sales of iPad tablets fell again: Around 10.2 million units Apple sat down – almost one-fifth less than in the same period last year. The Macs there was a decline from 12 percent to more than four million sold computers. So Apple could have long not do better than the chronically weak PC market for the first time. The industry sales had dropped, according to market researchers by about a tenth. Concrete figures on the path 2015 smart watch Apple Watch there was not again. (With material of dpa.)