Apple would develop an application to compete with Snapchat

Apple he will design his own Snapchat? The company would work to effect functions to shoot, edit and share on social networks a video in less than a minute. One could also add filters and drawings, as has been popularized by the preferred application of the age of 25.

The application therefore would be not a social network itself – Apple it is broken teeth several times, including with Ping in 2010 – but a tool for making their own videos. The division would thus on third-party networks, such as Twitter. Bloomberg explains that preview prototype is used with one hand and is based for now on a square video format.

A dedicated application or features added to iOS?

The team in charge of development is the same one who designed the Final Cut Pro video editing software iMovie and well known users macOS. However, it is headed by a newcomer Joe Weil, who joined Apple in December 2015. He had previously created a video blogging solution called KnowMe.

Apple could reveal these features in 2017 but does not yet know whether they take the form of a standalone application available on the App Store, or if they will be integrated directly in the camera application on the occasion of commissioning update of iOS. This is what happened to the functionality Souvenirs, included in the Photos app of iOS next 10 but sensed at first to be offered in the form of applications.

Go further into the social features

Given the slowdown in hardware sales, Apple wants to focus on applications and services, as stated in early August Tim Cook in two long interviews given to Fast Company and The Washington Post. Now more important than computer sales, revenues generated by Apple’s services (iCloud, Apple Pay, iTunes Store, Apple Music) for example exceed all of those Facebook.

But Apple wants to go further and integrate a deeper social layer to its operating systems. One of the tracks is considered as the ability to see on one screen all trade made (emails, text messages, social interactions, etc.) with any of their contacts.

But still very concerned about the privacy of its customers, Apple has set up a team to examine the implications of these features on the personal data. The team would be entitled to life and death on a development, if it does not meet the goals of protecting privacy.