Applications to locate the iPhone

To locate your iPhone you have to access this application from another iOS device. Login using your Apple ID. Through the GPS application will indicate on a map where your phone. With the Find my iPhone app you can also remotely lock the device or erase all data.

Find My iPhone plays a sound so you can know where you are (if you’re close you can hear).

Just it does not work in the case that the device you are trying to locate is off.

The application can download for free in the App Store;. More »

The most comprehensive anti theft for iPhone (and any other device) App. Through GPS, Prey Anti Theft tracks and locates your phone, telling you on the map where it is. And even you can turn back and front camera of the iPhone to know who the intruder who has it and where it is. You can also activate the alarm. It emits a loud sound (despite being in silent mode) and if you are close you can locate quickly.

Prey Anti Theft is easy to install, is free and can protect up to three devices with one account;. More »

Lookout Mobile Security sends you an email message with the location and a photograph. You can also lock your smartphone remotely tracked. Already it has over 40 million downloads and has four star rating from users.

But besides locate your device, Lookout Mobile Security parses and works in search and capture potential viruses that could damage your smartphone (ie, serves as antivirus).

Also, by using the same application you can create a backup and save “on safe” the most important data, such as contacts.

Lookout Mobile Security alerts you if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network that can put your safety. Also warns about unsafe or older versions of iOS. In short, it is great and I recommend it because besides being free, meets swimmingly with its function of protecting the iPhone, like any other non free antivirus program.

Lookout Mobile Security free of purchase in the App Store.

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