Architecture and planning, the best free software

You build, move or rearrange? Before embarking on the work, room for reflection. To do so we have selected the best architecture and software development.

We have a big or a small home, the important thing is to feel itself well. Sometimes reflect much, and sometimes this requires a more expensive long-term project. Anyway, whether it is a moving, a development or redevelopment, to see the decoration of the living room, kitchen remodel, to imagine its future construction or home of his dreams, the realization of a support, working papers and plans is essential.

Better, it is now within the reach of all to imagine and model on a computer or tablet, 3D, building internally and externally, to transpose the plans of his apartment and move partitions, or simply to change its furniture around. Here is a selection of free software and a few mobile apps to have on hand to make your dreams a reality.

If reviewing the decoration of the house or redo the kitchen does not necessarily need to be a professional, devise plans for his future home or extension follows numerous technical and legal rules. So remember to validate your project by an architect in order not to end up with a house Edifis stamped.

Software very public, for a quick start begin this selection with software adapted to development projects or small-scale construction.

Ideals to review the home decoration or create an architectural draft of the project, they are quick to learn, even for novices.

3D sanitized version accessible to all

We start with SketchUp Make SketchUp Make, known as Google Sketchup before its acquisition by Trimble in 2012.

This 3D modeling freeware out some of the ordinary. Although its use is not exclusively there, it is very well suited for exterior and interior architecture projects. More than for high-precision work, the application is widely used by architects for their drafts, or for modeling 3D buildings in Google Earth.

The interface is very pure, is relatively quick to learn, the user works directly in 3D view with simple tools (rotation, extrusion, moving, resizing …), which may at first confuse people used the more traditional 3D software. An animated help window will help those who find themselves lost.

After quickly with the software, the user can easily draw the different parts of the project and incorporate a range of furniture, appliances, architectural elements or other miscellaneous items selected from a vast database maintained by the works a very large community. It will also be possible to create and share their own creations.

The application offers through the list of the many available plug-ins and install them in a few clicks. In addition, the software supports most common file extensions image, video or 3D the most commonly used, both import and export.

Note that the commercial use of this free program is not allowed. To do so will require the acquisition of the Pro version, pay.

Appearances can be deceiving, with a streamlined interface, almost simplistic, yet Sketchup Make a complete solution to give volume to his architectural projects and interior design.

Download Sketchup Make for Windows and OS X

The lightweight 2D solution for your plans

To draw ArchiFacile standard plans for a house or apartment quickly and easily, ArchiFacile is the tool to have in its repository. Free and portable application is lightweight: just over 500 KB!

The minimalist interface, even a little austere, ensures that immediate grip. The user begins by drawing freehand walls, add doors, windows and other openings and eventually add other products to complement its plan.

The software will also member sizes, calculate the surface of the parts (it will be possible to name), will highlight the construction errors and will choose the colors of various objects.

The record may be unfortunately that line, after a quick registration from the software, which also offers to export the map in PDF format. This registration will also share their creations with the community of users.

ArchiFacile to use, the software is anything but a gas plant. It certainly does not have very advanced features, but will do fine work, ie create plans with ease for roughing architectural and planning projects.

ArchiFacile download for Windows

Designing her kitchen with two clicks three movements

Cuiclic There are many brands of equipment and furniture to offer their design tools, such as SoCooc. Cuiclic is developed by Fly, the first French teaches young habitat furniture. The software offers to design a kitchen in stages and to establish a provisional estimate for the cost of the work.

The interface is clear and easy to handle. The first step is to select, rather basic way, the shape of the part. Then place the windows, doors and all technical elements such as plugs, radiators or water points.

In the next stage, it will select a style of cooking from the manufacturer’s catalog. Then, the software will generate a view in three dimensions rather good invoice of the kitchen and offer different types of implementations of furniture and equipment.

Then comes the stage of the selection of equipment and furniture from the manufacturer’s catalog, and a finishing step, in which the details are selected such as handles, the work plan or pedestals. The last step allows you to choose the type of flooring and walls. The kitchen and redesigned the user can, of course, save the project, edit a quote, print it and go in store.

Although developed by a particular brand Cuiclic is a good software allowing at least, to imagine Cuisine adapted to the available space in the slot.

Cuiclic download for Windows and OS X

THE reference for free home

Sweet Home 3D to complete this selection of consumer software, it was impossible to ignore Sweet Home 3D.

This free software, available in French and without advertising, allows to design the plans for a house, an apartment or simply to see the development of these.

The interface is intuitive and very easy to handle. For starters, the application offers to trace the walls: straight, rounded, under the roof, all options are rigor of the game. Then the user will continue placing doors, windows and other openings, it will then remain to place the various furniture and equipment, with a simple drag and drop.

The plan will be complemented by information such as dimensions, surface and other descriptive text. In addition, it is possible to add levels or basements further and change the orientation of the building.

Sweet Home 3D has a catalog of very provided grouped by thematic objects: doors, windows, furniture, lights, appliances, baths, stairs, radiators, etc .: all there! Each item is customizable, it is possible to resize, choose the color and texture. This collection can be enriched by downloading new features and even create new ones with a 3D software like Blender, or to import new textures.

Throughout the plan design, the software displays the 3D view of the latter, the rendering is quite good quality. It is possible to position aerial, interior view, save views, create photos with different qualities rendering or video recording a virtual trail. The application proposes to export the PDF map, the 3D model in OBJ format, the videos in MOV and of course to print everything.

Sweet Home 3D has it all: free, very easy to handle even for the novice and a wide variety of options and items make it a must in its field.

Download Sweet Home 3D for Windows, OS X and Linux