Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood: Play on preventing memory bug games

A bug makes “Brotherhood” -gamesrn apparently the killer life difficult.

G efangen in the present: In Ubisoft forum “Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood” reported more and more players an annoying bug: The problem concerns the trip with Desmond Miles by Monteriggioni in the present. Once the title stores during this sequence, the path is blocked back to the Renaissance. An activation of the animus acknowledged the program with a load which spits out the victims again in the middle of the small town of – mind in the present and as Desmond. Previously, manufacturers Ubisoft expressed are not the problem. A temporary solution is to regularly back up the storage object on a USB stick.

Released “Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood”: November 18, 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. (dj)

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