Assetto Corsa: New Content for 2016 games

Corvette C7 Stingray and Ford Mustang make 2016 the start of a new content initiative for “Assetto Corsa”.

W he experienced his rounds turns in “Assetto Corsa” about the known routes, looking forward to an exciting new year. As developer Kuno Simulazioni announced in a recent blog post, you heaps keeps handy new content for 2016th Besides being the team tinkers busy working on a console implementation of the racing game, available with the Austrian Red Bull Ring, the historical version of the Silverstone-piste and the 10-kilometer stretch of Monza three fresh racetracks in the wings. Other routes could be followed throughout the year. On top of that, the developer brings all existing courses in the most visually and technically updated.

“Assetto Corsa in review: The perfect bump

And here the fun does not stop long on: At least 42 fresh racing cars will Kuno Simulazioni 2016 the “Assetto Corsa” -Fuhrpark add, including models of the manufacturers Maserati, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Also present: the new Audi R8 2016 Audi R18 E-Tron, the McLaren racer 570LS and P1 GTR and the Japanese Toyota Celica and Nissan GT-R Skyline 34. An overview can be found on the blog of the manufacturer. The beginning of the fresh bonus freebies make the Corvette C7 Stingray 2015 and the Ford Mustang 2015. A concrete start date are not currently available.

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