Acer Iconia Smart: the smartphone and tablet cross

Acer today announced the launch in France of “Iconia Smart,” a hybrid halfway between the tablet and the smartphone, which aims to fill the role of these two categories at once. It is structured to make it around a screen whose definition is that of a tablet on the large side, but that of a smartphone on the small side.

The “Acer Iconia Smart” actually has the distinction of taking a widescreen 4.8-inch diagonal (12.2 cm) LED-backlit, displaying an unusual resolution of 1024 x 480 pixels. It therefore shows the same ratio 21: 9 cinema a film. Its definition higher than the majority of websites on the large side allows view full size, even impose a significant scrolling. It measures 141.7 x 64 x 13.3 mm 170 g.

Technically, it houses a high-end configuration, set up to start a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 clocked at 1GHz. It also embeds 8GB of internal memory, a back camera sensor 8 million pixels shooting in 720p HD, combined with a LED flash, and a front camera sensor of 2 million pixels. Finally running “Gingerbread” Android 2.3, the latest version for smartphones, taking particular support Flash Player 10.1.

The “Acer Iconia Smart” will be marketed in France in late April retail price of 499 euros, a reasonable price taking account of its data sheet.

© Romain Heuillard Acer Iconia Smart © Romain Heuillard Acer Iconia Smart © Romain Heuillard Acer Iconia Smart © Romain Heuillard Acer Iconia Smart © Romain Heuillard Acer Iconia Smart © Romain Heuillard Acer Iconia Smart © Romain Heuillard Acer Iconia Smart © Romain Heuillard Acer Iconia Smart

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