Alpha Polaris: Adventure in the ice games

Struggle for life and death on a research station in Greenland: “Alpha Polaris”.

M rode in a desert of ice in Greenland is the research station “Alpha Polaris”. At the Arctic Circle working there Scientists fight against snow, cold and loneliness. But not enough: Eerie events make the researchers life hell.

What’s going on “Alpha Polaris”? Far away from civilization you make as a biologist Rune Knudsen on the search for the causes of the ghostly events. It does not take long for the horror captured also the Norwegians: A matter of life and death begins, confronts him with his greatest fears.

Warning: This is not about a frosty “Dead Space” copy, but an adventure game with point-and-click mechanics. Manufacturer TGC promises numerous puzzles and puzzle elements and an eerie atmosphere day and night cycles and sophisticated characters should contribute to a compelling story.

Released “Alpha Polaris”: 2011 for PC. (Rk)

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Adrift: Breathless in space games

For the game designer Adam Orth launched “Adrift” as a way to cope with his personal blow. He quickly found this support by fellow developers what led to the creation of his studio Three One Zero.

N ot NASA and ESA, but private companies like Space X are the future of space. However, only a shambles – therefore floats in “Adrift” in 2037 is no longer the ISS, but the North Star IV Company Hardiman in 462 kilometers above the Earth. An accident has torn the giant spinning wheel-shaped space station. The only survivor: The astronaut Alex Oshima – and this fictional scenery is reflected quasi contrary, what has happened to the conductive “Adrift” -Designer Adam Orth in real life!

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Because until April 2013. He was creative director at Microsoft Studios. At this time, the release of the Xbox One was a few months in the future. Much has been speculated since the console and advance criticized. One evening made Orth his frustrations with sarcastic comments on Twitter Air. Then he rolled over a wave of anger and hatred. A few days later he announced dejected his job. “I thought my life would be in the bucket,” said Orth. “After a week, then the idea came to me to this game.”

Of course, “Adrift” is to support the current VR goggles. Above all Oculus Rift – and later Playstation VR. Nausea and “sickness” is a “feel-good” button to prevent that provides the game briefly blurred to rest the eyes.

Adrift: “Gravity” for replay

The developer wanted to use his experience and helplessness and do empathize. “And where one feels lonely and helpless as in space?” He asks accordingly. Therefore, behind the so quietly shining star backdrop, a mix of survival and Enigma Game: Quasi a playable version of the movie “Gravity”. From first-person perspective, the player who controls an astronaut by the landscape of shredded solar collectors, metal parts and non-research, technology and living modules. The goal? Find a way to Earth.

An astronaut is fighting alone in space for survival. In fact, since pushing the comparison with the movie “Gravity” is a natural. However, the work began on the game before the theatrical release of the Oscar-winning space thriller.

Gradually, this give the tasks: parts of the station must again power and cable are connected. Later you tight casing parts from, wake the computer alcohol and initiate the communication network. Here Alex not only flows through a chaotic shambles, but also bizarrely beautiful scenery. Among glass domes with Kirch trees that are surrounded by leaves or an overgrown ivy Hydro-Garden.

Thanks to the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 is the appearance of “Adrift” a feast for the eye and reminds many of real photographs from space. For this purpose, however, are also unreal but beautiful sceneries.

Adrift: All alone in space

In the remains of the station the astronaut collects incidentally audio recordings: An engineer says it about President Kennedy’s “We go to the moon” speech. Another, however, has simply saved a sensual piano piece that accompanies one’s actions for a few minutes. “But you will also learn why you’re in space,” the developer adds. But as calm as “Adrift” in these moments seem so ubiquitous is also death. Because in addition to solving the missions the player is looking for small oxygen cartridge to replenish the air supply of the suit.

The Weltallabenteuer to connect Survival elements with a gripping story in a clever way. Because even if the cosmos and the scenery seem almost disturbing peaceful, quickness and reaction is often called for.

If the exhausted, warns a Fiepsen including computer voice – then follows the choking. Pops the player instead against the wreckage, this causes first fine and then ever larger cracks in the helmet visor. The blank is indeed mending to repair stations: But who incited and do not pay attention, hovering once lifeless to the blue planet. After all, unlike in “Gravity” is here no George Clooney hurried to help. “Ultimately,” says Adam Orth tough, “It’s about survival.”

The survival adventure in the cosmos is inspired by recent developments in space. However, the look is based also on the design of such films as Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “2001 – A Space Odyssey” or Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Solaris”.

Forecast: Adrift

What the developers of the studio Three One Zero date of “Adrift” presented, impressed. Although the universe Survival Game too innovative or creative mechanisms saves convinced with an urgent, threatening and at the same time surreal peaceful atmosphere. It is also noticeable that this game for its developers is a very personal work.

The game highlights the Gamescom 2016

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Released “Adrift”: March 28, 2016 PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

10 reasons why we love smartphones

It’s just always there for us when we need it! These ten things make the smartphone to our Savior in every situation and the best companion – anywhere.

H ow was quickly the recipe for apple pie? Which two Beatles actually live? How to get from Central Station? These and similar questions can annoy at best, and at worst mess all day. Good thing there are for the smartphone! It is contact with loved ones, mediators and assistants in every situation: We love our smartphones, …… because it is our knight in shining armor.

via GIPHY … because we have our loved ones always in your pocket.

via GIPHY … because it participates every fun.

… Because it keeps us up to date via GIPHY.

via GIPHY … because it all just can!

via GIPHY … because it be lazy at helping us.

via GIPHY … because Siri, Cortana & Co. always have an open ear.

via GIPHY … because it can end any dispute by Google and Wikipedia.

via GIPHY … because with him you never get bored.

via GIPHY … because we never want to miss it!


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The most important new devices

Android: EU case against Google

The EU Commission determines: Uses Google its supremacy with Android out to favor its own services?

T he European Commission is preparing, according to media before expanding the competition proceedings against Google on the world’s dominant smartphone system Android. The EU authorities have Google critics a 24 hour time limit provided to remove any trade secrets from their opinions on the competitive situation in the market, the financial agency Bloomberg reported, citing informed people.

Ongoing investigations

According to information of the “Financial Times” from the environment of the Commission Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager could make the allegations against Google related to Android already on April 20, 2016 public. However, it could also take a little longer, it was at the same time. A spokesman for the European Commission did not want to comment on reports because it related to an ongoing investigation first.

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Android a great success

From the perspective of Google Android is a great success: the latest figures show that the mobile operating system of the Internet giant is running worldwide to 85 percent of all smartphones. However, these all-powerful position calls the competition authorities of the European Commission on the plan. The accusation: Google use of its strong position to deal with their own services such as Maps, the search to other Apps preferred.

Google Apps favors?

At present, the studies that are to form the basis for a process run. So the Commission has already sent to numerous manufacturers of Android devices questionnaires to investigate Google’s business practices. The EU wants to know, among other things, whether Google partners prohibited the installation of apps that compete with the offers of Internet giants such as searching, the Play Store or the chart application Maps. As Reuters further reported the surveyed companies with e-mails, faxes, letters and meeting minutes to all agreements with Google since 2007 disclose to the EU Commission.

With these tricks you have Google under control

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To get better search results

Android without Google

Basically, each device manufacturers Android could use for free. However, to get the most current version of the operating system, the company must sign a contract with Google, which provides for the installation of a minimum number of Google services, confirmed a former Google manager told Reuters. Google itself says in a statement that every Android without Google and Google can use without Android. In addition, similar studies of Android contracts in the US and Korea have not revealed any legally questionable contract details, as the Internet giant of victory. (With material of dpa.)

An update brings the WeTab busy

Improves the physical contact between you and your WeTab: the software version 2.0.

T he update improves according to the manufacturer, the usability of tablet PCs. So to better support the device after the update multitouch gestures in the Internet browser, the media gallery and in many standard apps. Also optimized is the WeTab team to connect via Bluetooth to other devices and the operation of the mail program. Users of the 3G model can look forward to the activation of GPS services for applications.

The update will be installed automatically when you log WeTab in a wireless network. Additional updates to the device to follow. (Dd)

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Acer Switch Alpha 12: New 2-in-1

The curtain rises on the Switch Alpha 12: Acer has shown in his New York clients a new tablet notebook hybrids with liquid cooling.

I m an event in New York has introduced a lot of fresh technology the Taiwanese manufacturer Acer. In addition to the new notebook Aspire R 15 Aspire S 13 and Predator 17X and the desktop PC Predator G1 there was also a hybrid of tablet and laptop admired: The Switch Alpha 12 is intended to draw attention to themselves with a special feature: The elimination a fan, the machine is according to the manufacturer in the operation does not make a sound.

Video about

Tablet and notebook in one – that’s the trend in 2016. How well does it and what Acer has the hardware? The test shows it!

Acer Switch Alpha 12 in the test: double also twice as good?

Acer event in New York: These are the new hosts of Keynote

12 pictures

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More rest by liquid cooling

Inside the switch Alpha 12, a sixth-generation Intel Core i processor for proper performance should provide. Unlike similar devices that use this type of processor, the newcomer from Acer uses no fan to prevent possible overheating. Instead, to a liquid cooling system for quiet and at the same time ensure efficient operation. This hybrid is closed so that no dust from entering the enclosure. Acer promises thanks to the combination of i processor and fanless design a battery life of up to eight hours.

Half tablet, half Notebook

Like the Microsoft Surface Book is the Acer Switch Alpha 12 is a tablet with notebook power and Windows 10, which can be stuck on a supplied keyboard. Thus, it quickly turns into a laptop. The U-shaped bracket is intended to be very non-slip, so that the touch screen does not move when the user touches it. The holder can be adjusted for a viewing angle up to 165 degrees and is robust enough to survive even frequent adjustment without damage according to the manufacturer. The case of the Switch Alpha 12 is made of brushed aluminum, the keyboard is 5.85 millimeters high. The trackpad also supports Windows 10-gestures.

Top smartphones: Mobile Phone News 2016

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The most important new devices

12-inch display and USB Type C

The touch screen of the Acer Switch Alpha 12 is 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) tall and dissolves with 2160×1440 pixels. The device measures 292,1×201,4×15,85 millimeters and weighs 1,250 grams, if the keyboard is connected. The tablet alone is 9.5 millimeters thin and bring 900 grams on the scale. The internal memory in the switch Alpha 12 amounts to 512 gigabytes and can be expanded via microSD card. The USB 3.1 Type-C port to allow data transfers of up to 5 gigabits per second. In addition, this Bluetooth version 4.0 and Wi-Fi support in ac standard.

this website Speedtest

Now test your internet connection!

More Accessories

Who wants to switch upgrade Alpha 12, the Acer offers a number of accessories. So is illuminated keyboard make working in difficult lighting conditions. A display pin called Active Pen is intended for handwritten text and drawings on the screen. The WiGig dock allows the manufacturer wireless connections in ad standard with up to 4.6 gigabits per second over the 600-gigahertz band. In addition, the dock has a number of important connections.

Price and Availability

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 is in June 2016 are commercially and cost 799 Euro. The Acer WiGig dock strikes then with 299 euros.

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Amazon Echo 2: Learn to succeed

Amazon Echo comes probably soon in a new version on the market.

A smart mazons speakers will soon probably in a new version. This is potentially either a successor model or to a smaller and cheaper option, reports the Wall Street Journal. Already in the coming weeks Amazon wants to bring the device codenamed Fox on the market. So then the voice control Speaker comes possibly also in Germany in the trade. So far Amazon Echo can only be had in the US.

Amazon echo

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This offers the Bluetooth Box Amazon

Hear no longer any word

In the first version of Amazon Echo Alexa, the digital language assistant listens to permanently. This makes it easy to put their questions from several meters away to the weather or to order something from Amazon. About the Echo speakers Alexa then responds accordingly or execute the order. In the second model, the microphone should not be permanently active in Echo. Accordingly Alexa stopped only when you press a button on the device. This is useful for privacy reasons, but rather impractical for everyday use. Compared to its predecessor, the new model is no longer just my outlet, but also have a battery also.

Alexa also in the car

Still to Amazon has not officially commented on a possible new version. But Amazon is driving the development of its language assistants even further. In early January 2016 was announced a partnership with Ford announced at the CES in Las Vegas. Thus Alexa expected to be available in all future Ford models.

Echo in US retail

Who wants to buy one of Amazon’s smart speakers echo, had to do a long time by ordering through the online retailer. Since the Christmas season 2015, there are Amazon Echo in US retail. The Bluetooth speaker is available, since December 2015, more than 3,000 retail outlets in the US. Participating retailers include, among others, The Home Depot, Staples, Sears, Brookstone, RadioShack, Fred Meyer and P.C. Richard & Son.

Germany released uncertain

Amazon Echo has already presented the online retailers in late November, 2014. First, the speaker was purchased by invitation only, from July 2015, it is in the US on free sale available. The Bluetooth speaker can be operated by voice control and, with Alexa a digital assistant. At, the device currently costs 179.99 dollars. When the gadget is coming to Germany is unclear.

Apple iPhone SE: Save a bundle

Apple iPhone SE: Bundled with a tariff the smartphone can be had cheaper.

A pple required for the 16-gigabyte version of the iPhone SE 489 euros – an iPhone was as low at launch ever. Despite the low price is in the case with 4-inch display current technology. The iPhone SE is definitely smaller than about iPhone 6S, but not slimmed. As the test of this website shows pace and camera can compete with those of its big brother.

Book iPhone SE with tariff

The iPhone SE therefore is aimed at users who are looking for a compact and low-priced iPhone. And with the right package of Smartphone and tariff it is even more favorable. Because often collective and hardware bundle cheaper bought as individually and separately.

Postage calculator

Find the Best Mobile Phone Tariffs

Bundled save nearly 400 euros

Thus, there are the Apple iPhone SE (16 GB) with the ‘1. FC Köln fare “offered Sparhandy for effective 23,40 Euro per month. It includes a flat rate for calls to German mobile and fixed network and 500 megabytes inclusive volume. About the minimum term of 2 years, you will pay 561,60 euros. Book this rate without smartphone directly Sparhandy and buy the iPhone separately to pay within 24 months 956.52 euros. The difference: just under 395 Euro.

Custom Fit Mobile Phone Bundles

Whether you ever suits this deal, of course, is the question. Generally, you should recalculate itself. Give details of the memory size of the iPhone and SE to the tariff details. Need some more data volume or a higher rate? The tariff calculator tells you then, what combination of iPhone and tariff is best for you.

iPhone SE (16 GB): The best Bundles

Place 10:

Tariff: Allnet-saving Flat S

Contract Period: 24 months

Power: Telecom

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: 9 cents each

Internet: 500 MB

Surfing speed: 14.4 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 34,60 Euro

“To offer

Seat 9: Base

Tariff: Blue All-In S Deluxe

Contract Period: 24 months

Network: O2

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: Flatrate

Internet: 1 GB

Surfing speed: 21.1 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 34,53 Euro

“To offer

Seat 8: Base

Tariff: Blue All-In M

Contract Period: 24 months

Network: E-Plus

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: Flatrate

Internet: 2 GB

Surfing speed: 21.1 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 32,45 Euro

“To offer

Place 7: congstar

Tariff: Allnet Flat Plus Deluxe

Contract Period: 24 months

Power: Telecom

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: 9 cents each

Internet: 500 MB

Surfing speed: 14 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 31,63 Euro

“To offer

Place 6:

Tariff: Allnet-saving Flat S

Contract Period: 24 months

Network: Vodafone

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: 9 cents each

Internet: 500 MB

Surfing speed: 21.6 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 29,60 Euro

“To offer

Place 5: otelo

Tariff: Allnet Flat XL Special

Contract Period: 24 months

Network: Vodafone

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: Flatrate

Internet: 1.5GB

Surfing speed: 21.6 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 29,15 Euro

“To offer

Place 4: otelo

Tariff: Allnet Flat M special

Contract Period: 24 months

Network: Vodafone

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: 9 cents each

Internet: 750

Surfing speed: 21.6 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 28,07 Euro

“To offer

Place 3: Blue

Tariff: All-In XL Deluxe

Contract Period: 24 months

Network: E-Plus

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: Flatrate

Internet: 1.8GB

Surfing speed: 21.6 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 26,70 Euro

“To offer

Place 2: Base

Tariff: Blue All-In M Deluxe

Contract Period: 24 months

Network: E-Plus

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: Flatrate

Internet: 2 GB

Surfing speed: 21.1 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 25,28 Euro

“To offer

Place 1: Sparhandy

Tariff: 1. FC Köln tariff

Contract Period: 24 months

Network: Vodafone

Phone calls: Flatrate

SMS: 9 cents each

Internet: 500 MB

Surfing speed: 21.6 Mbit / s

Effective monthly price: 23,40 Euro

“To offer

Apple iPad: rush before Apple stores to Home

Before Hamburger Apple store was formed on May 28, a long line.

I n Frankfurt and Hamburg, several hundred iPad fans gathered in the early morning, waiting for the opening of shops. In Frankfurt some buyers came to the police already six hours before launch, a tablet computer (Price: 500 Euro) to get.

The compact device, especially the media industry combines high hopes for new impetus for their digital business. Apple expects many buyers – the German Company’s agencies in Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt opened already at eight o’clock in the morning.

this website visited the Apple store in Hamburg. There formed on the morning of May 28, a long line of iPad buyers. The seller always were only 20 people in the store to cope with the rush. (Dpa / rs)

Apple iPad: The strengths and weaknesses of tablet PCs

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Assetto Corsa: New Content for 2016 games

Corvette C7 Stingray and Ford Mustang make 2016 the start of a new content initiative for “Assetto Corsa”.

W he experienced his rounds turns in “Assetto Corsa” about the known routes, looking forward to an exciting new year. As developer Kuno Simulazioni announced in a recent blog post, you heaps keeps handy new content for 2016th Besides being the team tinkers busy working on a console implementation of the racing game, available with the Austrian Red Bull Ring, the historical version of the Silverstone-piste and the 10-kilometer stretch of Monza three fresh racetracks in the wings. Other routes could be followed throughout the year. On top of that, the developer brings all existing courses in the most visually and technically updated.

“Assetto Corsa in review: The perfect bump

And here the fun does not stop long on: At least 42 fresh racing cars will Kuno Simulazioni 2016 the “Assetto Corsa” -Fuhrpark add, including models of the manufacturers Maserati, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Also present: the new Audi R8 2016 Audi R18 E-Tron, the McLaren racer 570LS and P1 GTR and the Japanese Toyota Celica and Nissan GT-R Skyline 34. An overview can be found on the blog of the manufacturer. The beginning of the fresh bonus freebies make the Corvette C7 Stingray 2015 and the Ford Mustang 2015. A concrete start date are not currently available.

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