How to find meanings of words in the dictionary of OS X

A little-known feature of Mac OS X is the dictionary that is integrated, which is very easy to use without having to launch any application without having to follow folder paths. I have to tell you because it is important to have a dictionary at hand, but for those of you who do not have in mind the dictionary of your Mac when you need to know the meaning of a word, this will be very useful as it can do without the mamotreto using for the meaning of words.

But there is a small problem, the dictionary only supports the English language, so we are talking about people who wish to consult the meaning of a word in English. That said we go on.

If you’re reading something on your Mac and you find an unfamiliar word, and want to know what it means, just place the cursor over the word, then right-click on it.

Another way to look up the meaning of a word is using Spotlight. To find that meaning just type the word in the Spotlight and a menu will appear with references to that word found in the Mac, one of those references will have a book icon on the left and clicking on that option you will find the definition of the word.

Apple computers include an application Dictionary. Actually, either right-clicking on a word or using Spotlight, the computer uses the dictionary application to get the information you need.

The Dictionary application can find it in your Applications folder and you can go to it to look up words directly. By making the search, it appears the meaning of the word, but you can also find other information obtained from Wikipedia and / or origin of the word you are looking for.

State of Decay: 8 tricks and strategies to die

(Continued analysis of State of Decay)

State of Decay is of the very few simulators, settlement building and resource gathering there for the Xbox 360.

It is a world devastated by the zombie invasion and a group of survivors who must build a fortress to live with some comfort. Of course the necessary materials to be found out … there where they live these eats brains and just where begins this excellent game XBLA.

Having already made the corresponding analysis, it is then necessary to teach them tricks to die 8 in State of Decay.

1. Neglecting basic resources

If your base does not have enough beds, people will succumb to the effects of sleep deprivation and eventually, they will go to seek a better accommodation. If you also do not have enough food, they will starve. Skimp gas and electricity and heating will not have so they also die of cold.

Solution: Check out the bar indicating the status of the base, located at the top left of the screen. There are 4 counters: The first 2 relate to food and medicine and are those that require constant monitoring and decreasing every day depending on the number of people and injured. Depletion of either is lethal.

If you want to broaden the base, you require building materials. The stock of ammunition is also a factor, for obvious reasons, to keep in mind.

2. Go through the story without proper preparation

The more progress in the main story of State of Decay, ugliest and dangerous hordes of zombies are attacking you. At the beginning, you just have to worry about basic resources as there will be few “walkers” and the fighting will be one on one. Then they will come not only for groups but also faster and stronger, like runners Left 4 Dead 2.

Solution: No progress in the missions. Just dedicate yourself to pool resources and improve the base camp without fulfilling the tasks dictated by the game.

3. Overcome your inventory space

The inventory has space for 8 items. Later in the game you can improve and expand. You can release slots destroying objects. The problem arises when we must decide between keeping weapons, medicine or food. In fact, the other night I had to demolish a beautiful cricket bat to make room for some morphine.

Solution: Find the resources to expand the locker.

This game held earlier this year, our Top 10 XBLA

4. Send one of your men to get something too far and certainly not return (and human)

By exploring the buildings, you’ll occasionally stumble across caches of ammunition, medicines, building materials and food that can not be ignored. The options at this time are two: a) Load a second backpack with the risk of losing strength and having to slowly return to base.

b) Call Home on the radio for another survivor come for the goods.

The last option is usually preferred, because you can continue exploration while someone else does the heavy work, but keep in mind the considerations of the land. Survivors must travel on foot to gather resources and most likely who come to your aid will meet with Zombies. If things get particularly sticky, you may who came to seek the elements diminish their trust in you. If he survives, of course. Opposite case…

5. Avanza noisily

Any kind of noise is a guarantee that the Zombies come running and jumping from all directions. Remember that the best weapon is one that can not be heard, that is, shotguns and machine guns are guaranteed to be the main course. Remember that in your workshop you can make silent weapons.

6. Abandon the route with your vehicle to get stuck somewhere in the middle of the forest

In State of Decay choches there are many to choose from. There are eccentric and modern as well as old van, trucks, buses, etc. On every trip you make, surely atropellarás Zombies and this means that the bumper will leave damaging. You need to watch the general condition of the vehicle.

Also, if you venture off the main route, try to make sure that no previously zanjones and the terrain is smooth. Otherwise, you have to follow your journey on foot. Try to improve your Workshop (workshop) with improved “self-repair-of-vehicles” and thus make the cars parked in your base will gradually and automatically repaired.

7. Stick to one character so that when I die, you have no replacement

State of Decay encourages the player to participate changing roles with each of the characters allowing increased with respective experiences, skills of each. Basically we change when fatigue sets in and the resistance drops to a minimum.

Have a favorite character that always fight, no doubt will greatly increase their strength skills, attack and others but at the expense, the remaining characters will be weak. The day that your favorite is eaten by zombies, it will be a collection of useless.

The suggestion is that ossicles in the use of survivors.

8. Ignore the possibility of creating outposts (Outposts)

The Outposts are small areas where you’re safe. Usually they are somewhat far from your main base and serve to rest, feed and eventually heal on long journeys. The number of outposts is limited so think carefully where the put. Also, remember manufacture them so they are easily identifiable. Mainly at night. … Otherwise you’ll be wandering in the dark forest and we know what it means.

Remember that already left the DLCs called State of Decay: Lifeline and State of Decay Breakdown

6 Useful applications that are not so well known

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More than once we have found ourselves in situations where we wanted to have a magic wand to help us develop ourselves and we facilitate the task. Although there’s no magic wand, if we can use various apps that make it easier our day.

Its function is to measure houses and create drawings of them, with the help of the device camera (using augmented reality) or manually, developed the plane using the drawing tools in the app.

It is a free downloadable app for personal use (although this assumes see limited our catalog of objects and export formats that, in addition to suffering watermarks on the resulting maps). More », terms of payment for professional and commercial use of this tool is obviously offer.

It is an app that translates in real time. It allows us to translate printed words that will capture with the camera of our device. The results appear immediately on the screen. It works with optical recognition technology and a dictionary. Developed by Visual Quest it was first released for the translation of English and Spanish, but now also translates from English to Italian, German, French, Portuguese and Russian. A great advantage of this application is that it does not need to be connected to the network and is free;. More »

This application is designed for people with little time and want to eat well. Cocinillas is also ideal for the newly independent they have to start cooking alone. With this application you will learn and will elaborate dishes in the simplest way. Those recipes for beginner cooks seem difficult or costly, become easy and simple;. More »

App on purpose for the clueless who never remember where they have parked the car. To find it you can add the data that interest you: street, area … Your car will be located at all times. Also, if you live in a city with public parking regulated with Find My Car app you can set an alarm that will alert you when your parking ticket is about to expire;. More »

If your mood is constantly changing by various issues such as work, family or other personal issues, perhaps you should do is relax a little, give you a whim and go on a trip to try to disconnect from the routine. To choose destination you can use the application minube where you will find different places to travel according to your mood. The aim is to inspire travelers to choose their next vacation destination or find leisure activities for your free time anytime, anywhere. You will also find the best lists and recommendations created by users minube;. More »

Surely more than once while you were in a shop, a cafeteria, a waiting room … sounds a song on the radio and you like, but do not know or do not remember neither the singer nor the title of the song. Then you spend all day with the song in your head and humming without stopping. Now it will be easier to identify when these songs. SoundHound is a mobile application that tracks and identifies even hummed songs. It is the fastest and most reliable to find that song that you are trying to identify results app;. More »

Tips for choosing a word processor for your tablet

In all tablets in general, even emphasizing the iPad, they are described as devices to consume content and play, but not to write more or less long documents. To counter this idea, I must say that the word processor is an app that abounds in app stores, there are many that will be difficult to select one without feeling full of doubts. Therefore, in this article I will tell you some ways that can help you succeed in your choice of a text editor that perfectly suits your needs.

The first step is to choose an application to write that suits your profile. To do keep in mind what you will use, what is your daily activity: Are you a student, housewife, freelancer or corporate executive? If you are a student you may need basic word processor to take notes and written work.

On the other hand, a housewife probably need only a simple application for taking notes, calendar type, while a professional and an executive require, in addition to a word processor, a complete suite that includes a program for presentations, base data and spreadsheets.

Thinking about your activity will help you decide what type of writing texts most often: long texts and documents, articles and short notes or posts for blogs. Text editors tablet may have limited the number of documents, so if you write profusely you may still need to opt for a more powerful word processor (both capacity and speed of response).

Currently it is essential that you can synchronize your word processor with other platforms and applications like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. This allows you to take full advantage of the portability of your tablet pc, because you can access your files anywhere (provided you have an Internet connection). In this context, it also measures your interest in sharing content in social networks, send them by e-mail or print and if the word processor makes it easy.

Following the question of compatibility, check to see if you can export the contents to write as a text file, especially facing the Microsoft Office and Markdown, a simple system to create formatted text that has become popular as an alternative to HTML, much more complex. Another desirable extension is PDF, among others.

As important as this it is that the application to write has a version for cell, either iPhone or Android and even the iPod Touch, to have all your synced devices and avoid duplication of work, even in sync with iTunes to manage your media.

If you are a writer whose inspiration are your own muses, it will suffice processor minimalist texts, without distraction and a simple interface, but if you’re a blogger, journalist, editor or writer, it is desirable that the application includes a native browser for research on the network without leaving the processor as you type.

Going further, if you have to create more full texts, check that you can insert images, graphs, charts, videos and links in your document and to what level of detail comes this in terms of the presentation of the text (word count, characters and pages, search within the text and replace assigning a URL, etc.).

Speaking of touch devices, it is appropriate to let you know that the ideal is that an application to write exploits this feature expediting thus your activity, I mean the ability to interact with rapid gestures with a smooth response from the tablet pc more even if you do not have a physical keyboard or are “in transit”.

If you are someone who used to “costumizar” everything it touches, you should assess how a word processor allows you to customize your interface, fonts, margins, etc. or whether it is a rigid application in which you can not adjust anything. Generally, word processors for tablets are minimal and only a few offer templates or themes to change their appearance.

Most write apps for tablets are extra. Only ten are free and the more comprehensive are more expensive, but to tell the truth, are not extremely expensive when compared with the $ 100 it costs the “Home” version of Office. But what really matters is that you pay for a word processor that has a good value for money, that is, that gives you the most important features such as synchronization capabilities and compatibility.

With these tips you can already prepare a check list with the capabilities you want to have your word processor and look at what is both iOS App Store, and Google Play for Android, free or paid.

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5

Samsung organized a big event from Times Square in New York (curiously the country where most fans find the iPhone), for putting through its new device, the Samsung Galaxy SIV, with which planted face to Apple.

The Korean firm has chosen New York, the United States, to hit Apple where else can hurt, at home. And while competitors have wanted counteract expetación … say that it was mission impossible. Only the appointment of our new pope, Francis managed to counter for a few days the expectation that the Samsung Galaxy has raised.

However, it is still early to know if the new terminal from Samsung is a real threat to Apple, for it will have to wait for the assessment of users. When we have a sales ratio really we know if the staging of the Galaxy S4 has hurt or not the Cupertino company.

What we can highlight on Galaxy S4 is the incorporation of a system that allows control of what you see on the screen through the view thanks to the “Eye Scroll” and “Eye Pause” systems. That is, the text will pass when the system senses that our eyes are reading the last line and stop automatically when a video look elsewhere. All without touching the screen.


In this section, the iPhone 5 is the Cid. No even any other mobile operating system that has the same amount and the same quality of applications available for your platform. It is indisputable preference for iOS developers, no matter who it.


We continue in them: iPhone still presented the best design of the smartphone. It is a functional and simple device, and top looks nice. Nobody has served as Apple has done in each of the iPhones has launched.


In the new generation of smartphones increasingly software, design, processing and, last but not least, the battery is more important. In this section it is clear that the big winner is Samsung. Unfortunately for the boys apple this is one of the great disadvantages … the Galaxy practically doubles the battery capacity iPhone 5.

Galaxy S IV: 2.600mAh

iPhone 5: 1.440mAh

Screen resolution 1.1

Galaxy S IV: 1920×1080 pixels

iPhone 5: 1136×640 pixels


Galaxy S IV: QCOM Qualcomm Snap Fusion Pro 1.9GHz quad-core Exynos 5 Octa or 1.6GHz quad-core

iPhone 5: Apple A6 dual-core 1.3GHz

Screen size

Galaxy S IV: 5 inches

iPhone 5: 4 inches


Galaxy S IV: 130g

iPhone 5: 111g


Galaxy S IV: Up to 64GB and 2GB of RAM

iPhone 5: Up to 64GB and 1GB of RAM


Galaxy S IV: 13 megapixel and 2-megapixel front

iPhone 5: 8 megapixel and 1.2 megapixel front

Video recorder

Galaxy S IV: 1080p

iPhone 5: 1080p


Galaxy S IV: It was not revealed

iPhone 5: From US $ 199 in the US

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Terraria Minecraft VS (X360)

Minecraft has stopped being a game and has gone on to become a genre said Terraria creator. This praise from the competition is perhaps the way to avoid charges relating to Terraria is a clone of Minecraft.

One way or another, Terraria is not the only set of building blocks of the Xbox LIVE Arcade store.

Terraria say is an imitation of Minecraft is wrong because the differences between the two are large enough for both games fill their respective niches.

This comparison between Terraria and Minecraft seeks to affirm what is best and under the pros and cons of each, because you can analyze what best suits your style of play. You’re welcome.


The most obvious difference between these games is that Minecraft takes place in a 3D world, while setting Terraria is 2D.

Minecraft lets you build, spacious houses with huge rooms. Terraria supports do the same, but with limitations in 2D and in this last title, the buildings never feel stylish scale.

The scan also greatly affected: In Minecraft is easy to miss while in Terraria find the way back home is a matter of remembering whether it is left or right. On this last point, say one is better than another is impossible because the review is strictly subjective. Some may be frustrated by the enormity of the world of Minecraft, especially after finding a huge diamond deposit but be unable to possess the distance on the way back home. For others, this is part of the fun.

Size Worlds

Both games allow freely explore the worlds created haphazardly. This means that no player can repeat your gaming experience. Minecraft world is literally infinite. You can walk in any direction while the game will continue to generate territory to explore.

If you need more resources, just walk to find it.

The world Terraria is limited. You can select the size of the map that you play your game: Map small, medium or large. Similarly, little is really huge. However, it is not infinite, even the big map has an end point, basically, a sea in which you wander and you drown.

Transfer of resources

Speaking of resources, Terraria actually has an interesting feature that lets you take resources from one world to another. That means that if you have the best armor in the game and decide you’d like to play on the server of a friend for a while, then you can take the armor. This also means that you can achieve a ton of ore Demonite, for example, in the world of a friend and then bring it all back to you. This actually helps offset the problem of “finite resources” we saw one of the points from above. Of course, there are people out there who consider this deception and refuse to carry objects between worlds. I guess if you do not like this feature, you are free to not use it. Anyway, I consider it extremely useful and Minecraft does not have anything like that.

Creating tools

The development in both games requires a lot of knowledge. So either way, you’re going to spend some time browsing online tutorials. However, the discovery of the recipes in Terraria makes it much easier due to the fact that the order placement ingredients does not matter. The only thing it is to have all the ingredients in the inventory. In Minecraft, you must know the exact pattern by placing each of the elements. However, none of these systems is superior, each has its pros and cons. Terraria only minimizes the importance of manual production and makes the process faster.

In Minecraft, the craft has a very important role, so players must complete an incredibly deep system in drawing objects.

Another thing to consider is that Terraria has an incredible amount of crafts. In fact, much more than Minecraft. Terraria even allows weapons of science fiction as laser swords (War of the Clones) while Minecraft stays with the largest selection of swords and arrows but with feet on the ground.

The function of the construction of Minecraft is much more complex. With its system of Redstone circuits and special blocks, players can do some very creative things. You want to build a music box? How about cheating liftgate? Someone has even built an adding machine, basically a simple and clear computer to do all this is not possible in Terraria.