How to find meanings of words in the dictionary of OS X

A little-known feature of Mac OS X is the dictionary that is integrated, which is very easy to use without having to launch any application without having to follow folder paths. I have to tell you because it is important to have a dictionary at hand, but for those of you who do not have in mind the dictionary of your Mac when you need to know the meaning of a word, this will be very useful as it can do without the mamotreto using for the meaning of words.

But there is a small problem, the dictionary only supports the English language, so we are talking about people who wish to consult the meaning of a word in English. That said we go on.

If you’re reading something on your Mac and you find an unfamiliar word, and want to know what it means, just place the cursor over the word, then right-click on it.

Another way to look up the meaning of a word is using Spotlight. To find that meaning just type the word in the Spotlight and a menu will appear with references to that word found in the Mac, one of those references will have a book icon on the left and clicking on that option you will find the definition of the word.

Apple computers include an application Dictionary. Actually, either right-clicking on a word or using Spotlight, the computer uses the dictionary application to get the information you need.

The Dictionary application can find it in your Applications folder and you can go to it to look up words directly. By making the search, it appears the meaning of the word, but you can also find other information obtained from Wikipedia and / or origin of the word you are looking for.