Aldi: External hard drive Medion E82721

External hard drive Medion E82721.

A t first glance, the Aldi-disk too expensive. 500 Gigayte memory there is in online trading with prices starting at about 50 euros (including postage). But: The Medion E82721 has a USB 3.0 interface – and thus enables transfer rates that are ten times higher to than the previous USB 2.0 standard. This works only if the computer on which depends the plate, and is USB 3.0 capable. Otherwise reached that disk “only” USB 2.0 speed. The power is also supplied via USB, an external power supply, you do not need. Aldi offers a three year warranty.

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The offer is favorable if you already have a PC with a USB 3.0 port or purchase one consider such. Otherwise, there are competing in online trading disks that are equipped with USB 2.0 and cost considerably less. (Rs)

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Announcement: Navigon 40 Series

More fun when changing lanes: The Navi shows the driver when to turn indicators are activated.

T he device have eleven centimeters large displays. The base model “40 Easy” is the manufacturer for occasional drivers: It covers the usual functions of Navis and is available for 149 Euro. The variant “40 Plus” also shows the “One Click Menu” at a tip anywhere on the screen three preferred locations of the driver and automatically hides information that are not permanently needed during navigation. The price: 179 euros.

For 199 euros, there is the “40 Premium” model with speakerphone. Phone calls can be run via Bluetooth via the Navi. A distinction of the calls to “private” and “business” is possible. The “40 Premium Live” version also receives real-time information about traffic and parking situations or weather conditions. Price: 249 Euro.

Navigon provides the equipment Plus, Premium and Premium Live with the extended map material “EU 43” from. On the basic model Easy yourself cards are from 20 European countries. (Dd)

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3D home theater with LG

LG LX9500

T he LED TV models show not only 3D, but expect television programs that are broadcast in SD quality on HD-level high. Three preset AV modes ensure optimum image undTonqualität depending Pictured content. About the rechargeable via USB 3D glasses “AG-S100” images appear three-dimensional. Connection options offer USB ports and HDMI. In addition, the LED devices access to online content of max cathedrals, YouTube or Picasa.

For the LCD TV “LD950” rich plarisierte 3D glasses that require no electricity. Four of these are included.

LG BX580

Also, the Blu-ray player BX580 delivers images in Full HD resolution and is suitable for playing 3D and 2D content. Per WLAN interface, the device connects to the Internet or home network. Movies, music and photos from external storage devices can be transferred via USB to the player and then send to the flat screen TV. The Blu-ray player BX580 is available for 399 Euro. The prices for the 3D TVs are not yet known. (Fh)

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Assassin Creed – Ezio Collection games

Ezio experienced in “Assassin’s Creed – Revelations” a modest final.

“Assassin’s Creed 2”, “Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood” and “Assassin’s Creed – Revelations” have primarily one thing in common: the protagonist is Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the listening end Adler from Florence. It is possible that soon a further compound matters worse: According to a media report Manufacturer Ubsoft working on a one collecting support for PS4 and Xbox One, which has three parts series called the content – in revised versions. According to the report, Ubisoft has the appropriate “Assassin Creed – Ezio Collection” filed in South Korea for age verification. The publisher has not not announced such a remastered collection and does not comment on the report, but a corresponding publication is not unlikely. Firstly reactions successful older games for the current generation of consoles are now the rule rather than the exception, on the other hand, the confirmation by an official authority is in principle a valid indication.

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Amazon brings Dash buttons for more brands

Detergent at your fingertips: About the Amazon Dash button order customer specific products with one touch by

W hen the Amazon Dash button is it small, Internet-connected devices that exactly fulfill a purpose: The ordering of certain products on Amazon. Press the Amazon customers the button, send the Dash buttons via Bluetooth connection to the smartphone an order through the Amazon App from. To prevent accidental orders, the customer can cancel the order within half an hour. They also define the advance which quantities of a product orders of a button. In the coming weeks, Amazon will again significantly expand the range of branded products that can be order by Dash-button.

Amazon Dash: New brands, but only in the US

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal plans to Amazon to take several dozen new offers in the Dash-range. Which brands this is in the details, however, is not yet known. The Dash system designed to simplify mainly the consumables reorder goods. Among other things, Amazon offers the buttons for ordering toilet paper, detergent or razor. A button will cost it around $ 5. Amazon has introduced the system in March, 2015. If and when the Dash buttons are also available in Germany, is unclear.

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A laptop to replace a tower? our selection

Replace his desktop computer became dusty and cumbersome is an idea still attractive especially given the space saving. More discreet and sometimes just as swift, the notebook can pose as an interesting alternative.

Laptops are now equipped with components which allow virtually any use: video processing, image or game are now available on mobile.

So why not replace the tower by one of these machines? To do this, however, should follow some precautions when making your choice.

To maintain the same comfort as a desktop PC, better opt for a laptop whose screen has a diagonal and a generous definition.

Especially a large format also provides a gain comfort at the keyboard (spaced keys, the presence of a numeric keypad) and is often accompanied by a complete connection.

Obviously, it will look at the components that depend largely on your use, as well as equipment, which will define the level of comfort, especially in a videogame use. The price will vary accordingly necessarily.

Through these elements, writing eLaptopComputer indicates two configurations corresponding to a sedentary profile.

Anno 2070: Photos Ubisoft game for PC games

Video about

Ubisoft is working on the sequel to the successful development of the game “Anno”. A view of the new branch.

Anno 2070: Video presents the new series part

T he year makes it clear – the next branch of the Tradition series does not play for the first time in the past. The building game you confronted with a vision of the future. In “Anno 2070” suggests climate change is relentlessly: by global warming, the sea level rises significantly. Usable land about for arable land are scarce. The power supply is a serious problem by the scarce raw materials. Now it’s up to you to ensure the supply of your cities. How you do this, leaves “Anno 2070” you.

Another big change is the different factions in the game. The parties select different approaches to deal with resource and energy shortage: While the Ecos rely on environmental sustainability, aspire tycoons to industrial efficiency and growth – a difference which is also reflected in the architectural style.

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Released “Anno 2070”: the end of 2011 for PC. (Rk)

8-bit Hordes: Warcraft retro remake games

“8-bit Hordes” is a tribute to the strategy classic “Warcraft”.

T he development studio Petroglyph has the nostalgia prescribed. Recently, the studio released the title “8-bit Armies” and revived in the early days of on-site “Command & Conquer” series again. Now the team will bring out the next retro string and announces “8-bit Hordes” to. Behind it a strategy game hides in the classic “Warcraft” style. Players compete in two groups: On the one hand people are fighting the orcs, on the other in the merger with dwarves and elves. Like the original, you gather resources, build base camp and make armies. Zocken you alone, you have 24 missions.

Those who prefer the multiplayer mode, provides with up to seven other players multiplayer battles. Alternatively daddeln with a teammate by twelve co-op challenges. The highlight: Thanks to the same basic technology combine if necessary the contents of “8-bit Armies” and “8-bit Hordes”. So contact your fantasy fighter against modern ordnance. Exactly when you are allowed to plunge into the adventure of the “Warcraft” -Klons, however, is still unclear. Steam dated the game until August 2016, a specific date, there are not.

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Action: Duden Corrector 7.0 PLUS at a special price

Bargain tip: Duden corrector Download 7.0 PLUS for 27 Euro.

With the program Duden Corrector 7.0 Plus you are at writing letters, applications or referrals on the safe side. It checks spelling, grammar, punctuation, abbreviations, spelling variants and writing style – always based on the current spelling rules.

The program upload Softwareload during the promotional period for 27 instead of 49,95 Euro down.

Duration: The action starts on Thursday 2 December at 16 o’clock. It ends on Friday, December 3rd 2010, at 16 o’clock.

»For software load offer: Duden Corrector 7.0 PLUS

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