Changing the SIM card PIN

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There are many changes that have emerged over time in mobile telephony, but even change platforms, but the phones are renewed or much that operating systems are updated, something that remains intact from the earliest models iPhone is the 4-digit PIN code. We need to introduce this four-digit PIN code when you turn your iPhone to access mobile coverage of our operator. For this reason, if you bought an iPhone, someone gave you one or you’ve changed your operating company will have a new SIM card and therefore this card will have a new PIN. The PIN code is preset on a SIM card can be changed and you can even disable or remove. There are many users who forget the new PIN, leading them to contact the operator quickly to try to resolve the situation. If you want to avoid going through these situations you can change your PIN prefixed by another following a few simple steps in the iOS settings. To change the PIN number of the card you should follow the following sequence

First we enter the “Settings” application, once there navigate through the menu until the “Phone” section. We will go into the submenu of Telephone until near the end of the list to reach the SIM options, where we see “SIM PIN” and “SIM Applications”. Now simply we enter the SIM PIN and now we can access the two options, enable or disable the PIN, or otherwise change the SIM PIN if you wish. In short, you must follow these guidelines: Settings> Phone> SIM PIN. The screen you’ll find you will be like the one on the left.

Now you simply have to enter the code of the SIM card from your operator, the SIM code is the card PIN, and then enter the new code you want to give to the SIM a few times and then click the Save button.

Be very careful when changing the original SIM card PIN as it will no longer be valid when you change. Another thing you should know is you can not change the PIN on your card if you do not remember the original PIN, because you need to change the original PIN entered before.

With respect to deactivate the SIM PIN there are people who defend this idea and other people do not. Those who defend the option to disable the claim PIN code that is no longer something necessary because new models of iPhone, the device itself and offers a better blocking through fingerprint or your own four-digit code or alphanumeric more long. This is true, but the extra security never comes over.

I forgot the password for my iPhone What do I do?

Steps to set up Touch ID, the fingerprint reader

First 9 steps to set up my iPhone

What is AMD Bulldozer?

AMD has had several gray years. The problem has reached such a point that the company saw that it could not compete with Intel in models of medium and high range low range where the important thing is the price is dedicated.

AMD Bulldozer is AMD’s answer to Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture. AMD will divide its future processors into 3 segments. For each of them will use the following architectures. the code names used during design included

· Bobcat. For small teams that need to be very energy efficient as netbooks or smartphones.

· Flat. Market for notebooks, which are a little older than the others, and normal desktop use.

· Bulldozer. High-end computers and servers. These also include laptops.

Piledriver is the evolution of these processors launched in 2012 and solved some of their problems. The manufacturer tries to use this architecture in all segments except those designed for smaller teams.

In principle this architecture will be mounted on 32-nanometer transistors 45 and not working with AMD in early 2011. This makes riding can double the number of transistors than the previous generation.

By having more space this can be used in different ways. You can, for example, create processors with twice the cores create new blocks that add more functionality.

Bulldozer comes to compete with Sandy Bridge and some of its features are very similar.

CMT is AMD’s answer to Intel hyperthread. Both technologies allow you to run multiple threads on the same core.

Simplifying what these technologies is that your computer can perform two tasks simultaneously. For example, with this feature you can enter data in Excel while the associated graph is updated. Its power depends on the type of applications we use.

Intel has spent many years using this technology. Even I get discarded by little use but it seems that now both manufacturers are betting on it.

AMD technology provides the advantage is that adding a third, approximately, of the transistors would need to have a new one core offer nearly the same functionality to the operating system.

Against this that within a block CMT is a single floating point unit shared between both cores. You can suffer in certain applications that rely heavily on these calculations.

Another star technologies or Sandy Bridge Intel Core processors is Intel TurboBoost. This allows accelerate those nuclei are using at a given time.

With a normal workload you will not use all 8 cores having some current processors. If you have antivirus running for example, you are browsing the Internet and open Word will be using 3 core if each of them is performing a task. The micro, not being so hot, can speed you are using.

Intel has always been at least 2 steps ahead in this technology compared to AMD. For example, TurboBoost can stop a whole core and take advantage of a more efficient energy. AMD has never achieved this and nuclei are still spending power, although at a slower rate, even when not being used.

In this field we have a clear winner and AMD. In this area the company has become profitable buying ATI graphics card and integrated this far ahead of anyone who offers Intel.

Differences between the chipsets 990 FX, 990 X 990 or 970 AMD G

The processor market is very competitive. Manufacturers should make new devices continuously. AMD unfortunately not been able to follow in the footsteps of Intel at least as far as power is concerned. However, this makes attempt to compete via price. It is simply easier to have a computer cheaper if you buy an AMD processor.

If your needs are not high and your budget is limited, AMD can be the right solution to create around a processor yours your computer. If you are in this case, get the facts before you buy anything because each item you add does not have to be the latest model. This article is dedicated to one of those items that always forget, as is the chipset.

The chipset is the circuitry that are located on the motherboard. Its importance is vital because it determines both the type of processor and memory you can use.

AMD has unveiled its new chipsets include support for Bulldozer processors.

In short, AMD has prepared four chipsets that can be used with these micros, so let’s look at its features.

Socket. All have the socket AM3 +, this makes Bulldozer processors can support.

Sata. Support for a speed SATA 6 Gbps.

Memory. How could it be otherwise are able to work with DDR 3 memory.

USB. It supports up to 14 USB 2.0 ports.

Processors. You can use it with your Bulldozer AMD FX processor or if you want and name, Athlon II and Phenom II.

PCI Express. The defining characteristic of this chipset is its suitability to create computers with multiple cards. In this case have 32 lines PCI Express you can use various configurations. For example you can put 2 and using 16 lines each with 8 or 4 lines. You may also perform configurations with 3 cards.

Processors. Well, in this case the same as above is repeated and can support both AMD FX, Athlon II and Phenom II or.

PCI Express. Here lies the biggest difference between the two. In this case we have 16 lines. You can seamlessly use up configurations with 2 graphics cards.

This is a more peculiar than the other chipset.

Processors. Supports AMD Athlon FX but II or Phenom II.

Graphic card. This chip incorporates an integrated graphics card. It is the HD 4250 with support for Direct X 10.1. As you can see there is a very powerful card and also have to make use of RAM to run.

It is so peculiar that it is almost impossible to find a fitters motherboards like ASUS or Gigabyte you have used it. Their biggest problem is that it is not compatible with previous AMD processors.

We are in the lower range.

Processors. It is again possible to use both AMD FX, Athlon II and Phenom II or.

PCI Express. In this case it provides for only a graphics card.

In short, never buy the 980G and depending on whether you want to ride more or less graphics cards choose the one that best suits your needs.

iPad mini 4: features, pricing and availability

At the same time Apple announced us the long awaited iPad Pro and iOS 9, also made it to the iPad mini 4 which, as usual, meets all the quality and features of its big brother, the iPad Air 2, but in several inches less, which on mobile devices an advantage in terms of portability and price.

The design of the iPad 4 is the classic Apple in three colors, gold, silver and space gray. Their actions are very similar to its previous version, the iPad mini 3, but is even thinner. Let’s see your measurements: 13.48 x 20.32 cm and 6.1 mm thick (its predecessor was 7.5 mm). The mini tablet Apple has also lost weight, 298.8 g of the Wifi model contrast with 331 g of the third generation. As we see, the device “tablet” is so it is now lighter and compact and therefore has better portability.

The smaller tablet of Apple has a multitouch retina screen 7.9-inch diagonal, LED backlit technology.

Two additions improve our user experience with the iPad mini 4, the first is a oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints remain etched on the glass and the second is an anti-reflective film to improve the viewing screen in adverse lighting conditions. One of the improvements is the incorporation of the laminate on the screen that increases the brightness and sharpness of images.

As for the processor, the iPad Mini 4 has jumped to the A8 chip with 64-bit architecture, accompanied by a M8 motion coprocessor. According to the manufacturer, therefore the mini IPAD 1.3 4 is faster and graphics would also be more fluid (1.6 times) compared with the mini iPad Chip A7 A8 3. The three cores is complemented with 2GB of RAM and a 1.5 GHz frequency.

The tablet has a that is built into the Home button, Touch ID, sensor ID fingerprint. The Touch ID is able to unlock the mini iPad 4 and is a good security tool to protect our privacy and personal information and make purchases on iTunes and the iBook and App Store.

To connect to the Internet, the iPad mini 4 has two models, one only has Wifi and other wireless connection over 3G or 4G (where available). To connect to other devices have Bluetooth 4.0. Nano also supports SIM.

The battery gives it a range of up to 10 hours of web browsing or playing music and video through a wireless connection, the hours are reduced to 9 if the Internet connection is via mobile networks. To renew the battery charge, we can do it by power adapter or USB connection to the computer desktop.

First there are two cameras. The first is a FaceTime HD camera 1.2 MPX and video recording 720p HD. FaceTime video calls can be made by Wifi or 3G / 4G. Facilal includes detection, backlight and burst mode.

Then we found the camera or iSight rear 8-megapixel camera with features like autofocus, backlight, HDR and panoramic photos, among others. Apple stepped forward as at 5 MPX camera from the previous generation.

Video recording is HD 1080p format and offers image stabilization, 3x zoom, video time-lapse and slow-motion video.

The iPad mini 4 has dual microphone for recording calls and video and audio.

The new Apple mini tablet works with IOS 9 and has just over 20 integrated as Camera, Photos, Siri, FaceTime, Messages and Game Center, among other applications. We can also free productivity and entertainment apps like Page, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes U, Apple Store and Remote. Not to mention the more than 800,000 applications compatible with the iOS operating system that you can download in the App Store.

Models with free “Wifi Only”

16 GB ….. 389 euros

64GB ….. 489 euros

128 GB … 589 euros

Models with free “more cellular wireless”

16 GB ….. 509 euros

64GB ….. 609 euros

128 GB … 709 euros

The device is now available for sale.

The iPad Mini 4 came lighter and thinner, which adds several points in its favor as a portable device. Moreover, it is now more powerful with more than its predecessor chip to improve performance, fluidity and speed. It is a tablet for a wide audience but, in my opinion, is very good for children, students and professionals who need a device but must always take wherever they go.

If you are going to use as an auxiliary or complementary device to your PC or Mac, I recommend the basic model (16 GB), but if you work with many files and are very large, you may need higher capacity (64 or 128 GB). Additionally, if you want to make voice calls or if you need to be connected to the Internet all day, the best choice is a mini iPad 4 with free Wifi more Celular.

Wide I / O, HBM, HMC How will the RAM of the PCs of the future?

RAM is used to store programs and data with which you work. Define its size and speed as the team behaved, it is undoubtedly one of the key elements that you should never forget when setting up your PC.

However, the memory used in PCs and other devices such as tablets and smartphones is based on DDR technology which dates back more than 15 years ago. While it is true that all this time has managed to multiply the speed by 50 times up to 25.6 GB / s.

After this long time it seems that we are faced with a technology that has reached its potential because although stemmata waiting for the DDR4 imposed no intention, at least for now take a DDR5 call.

The DDR memories have come to be used even in tablets and smartphone, although simplified versions.

Wide I / O, HBM and HMC are three technologies that have something in common. They are based on putting multiple layers of integrated circuits on top of each other and interconnected internally with the benefit it brings.

Designed and engineered by Samsung. In this case it is intended for use in tablets and smartphones. SOC is included above ie the processor and its biggest problem is getting dissipate energy.

As the heat problem is what is done to combat it is operated at a very low frequency but more connections are used to carry information whereby the bandwidth is increased.

Its second version goes up to 68 GB / s. Serian almost three times faster than the fastest DDR4.

HBM is the acronym for High memory bandwidth and is developed by Hynix, AMD and NVidia. The connection between layers is exactly like the previous one.

Specifically designed for graphics cards. And we see models of NVidia 2016. It is expected bandwidths up to 256 GB / s. As you can see much faster than the previous one because it is designed for desktop PCs.

It is also mounted on the processor as Wide I / O.

HMC is the acronym for Hybrid Memory Cube. In a first layer is all the control logic and all other fall on it.

As there exists only one controller and not one for each chip as it exists in the DDR is achieved and decrease latency increase bandwidth.

Now the company distributes Micron formats 2 and 4 GB can opt for speeds of 120 GB / s and 160 Gb / s there is another developing 240GB / s. We’re talking about 15 times faster than DDR3 with 70% less energy expenditure.

Now it is being used in supercomputers and large network equipment. Let’s say it is a big to finish on a PC as it requires special base where connecting plates section.

10 applications from iPad to travel the world and enjoy the most

It consists of travel guides for iPad and iPhone 22 cities of the world and plan to increase the number of locations. It is not only maps and descriptions, but guides and inspires you to make your trip more enjoyable. It offers discount tickets on attractions and tours.

More than one, Fodor’s City Guides app is a platform to plan and organize your trip: booking hotels, restaurants, entertainment, monuments to visit, shopping and many other activities of interest to tourists. The guides are written in English and can also buy the paper.

Definitely a great tool as long as your destination is one of these 22 cities included in the guidelines. It is compatible with iPhone iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later and yes is optimized for iPhone 5. You can download it for $ 1.99;. More »

These guidelines includes a complete i nformation of the most visited cities in the world: Paris, London, Rome and New York. In its basic and free version you will find information about tours, weather, local funny news, a selection of photos, most appropriate date to go, currency exchange, and a favorites section to store what you want to remember.

In the paid version, you will have access to more: the best places to visit in each city with route maps selected by editors of National Geographic, recommendations of what to do ?, type a photo more extensive and better quality gallery, itineraries maps that you can create and share little-known secrets of each city.

The application is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. It is optimized for iPhone 5. You can download the free version or buy the guide in each city for 4.99 euros each or 11,99 euros for four. They are written in English;. More »

We have included in the list for several reasons. One is that offers free guides download of 178 countries and 40 cities around the world, with updated information. Another reason is that you can access the guide you choose online or offline (if the downloads).

The guides include maps of countries but are more detailed in the case of maps leading cities (usually are those that receive more tourists). You will find, in addition, data on currency exchange, weather and useful phrases.

There are three benefits with micropayments, including blocking promotional banners. Triposo is in English. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that have the iOS 6 or later installed;. More »

Impressive detailed tourist information platform of over 8,000 destinations in Africa, Asia, Antarctica, the Caribbean and Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, the Pacific and South America. You due to precise knowledge of its various authors, the guides will find specific information on tours, festivals and events, times and dates, weather, climate, currencies and changes, the best places to visit according to the environment and your interests (beaches, mountains, adventures, gastronomy, wild and natural life, etc).

A distinguishing feature is that it also presents the trips by type: relatives, luxury, budget range, honeymoon, etc. You can also join the forum of travelers who make up a community that shares their experiences with both the Lonely Planet guides and their travels around the world. There is a version in Spanish: you

All this information can have on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 5 or later. The payment application is a free trial period after which you can subscribe for 6 months or a year. Personally, I think it can be a good ally for frequent travelers who like to visit different places each time. Clearly, it offers for sale many products you can buy if you want, but what you will find at no cost to have a good time;. More »

It is the easiest way to make your travel itinerary choosing your destination with more than 400 attractions in cities of the database and placing the dates of arrival and departure. In a few seconds without leaving the application have the itinerary of each day, you can then edit or customize. You will also have access to data from tourist sites such as schedules, fares and schedules of public transportation.

Although Tripomatic is free to download, you will pay if you wish to purchase any guide of the most visited cities. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 6 and later;. More »

Apparently it’s just a mapping application, but its strength is in the fact that you can view your offline maps, no internet connection (or 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi without roaming service), so you can use it as a substitute Google Maps while traveling, especially when you can not connect to the network. This will make you feel calmer. On the same screen you see the weight map and decide if you download it or not.

The application is installed and then can select cities from the database of 7,800 maps on your device and keep them for future reference when needed.

An advantage for tourists is that, in addition, the app offers the option to access information about places of interest: museums, monuments, restaurants, shops, bars, and many others are provided by Open Sreet Maps.

On the other hand, will find a download unlimited travel guides Wikipedia. In the application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, the City Maps 2 Go has a cost of 2.69 euros and is compatible with iOS 7 and above. The app is available in several languages, including Spanish and English. More »

It is a hotel search engine creates a list of accommodation options with prices ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive and does so in seconds you do not have to consult every hotel in the city of your destination. Simply enter your arrival and departure dates for the application deployment alternatives have their respective cost. The interface is easy to use and has an own session, My Trips, where you can keep all your information. In addition to hosting you can also arrange car rental and tickets.

The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and is available in several languages, including Spanish and English. Supports iPad 7.0 and above. You will find a free version and a Pro you can download for $ 0.99 you enjoy the most complete features such as price alerts and the like;. More »

If you want a more personalized accommodation as a room, an apartment or a house where you can go on your own, this is your application as it will help you make contact directly with owners who rent their properties to vacationers.

The list of properties reached 450,000 and are located in 34,000 cities around the world. A special feature is that the offer includes accommodation curious that might be interesting for those looking for something original and different: yurts, tree houses, unique buildings, etc.

The application offers comprehensive features for both the host owner who rents to host tourists. Airbnb supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 6 and later;. More »

If you love good food you’ll love this app. He already has over 20 million downloads not only because it is free but also for its content: restaurant reviews thousands of diners and food critics made. Exposes disaggregated data by various criteria, ranking, distance and type of cuisine.

You will also find contact details for each establishment as phone number, menu, address and even can book a table if you wish. And something very important is that in its latest update included the “Open For” option to indicate whether a facility is open for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It also integrated the ability to change the directory of restaurants as “you move” from one locality to another.

Unfortunately this marvel contains only records from the United States, Canada, and major cities in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The app is in English. Urbanspoon is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 6 or later;. More »

If your iPad does not have 3G and you’re out of your accommodations, you will surely be left without Internet access. That is why we will be very useful to locate the nearest Wi-Fi is free or paid, to connect to the network. You can download these locations and go to them when you need it, you can even include in your itinerary if you want to be connected all the time.

The application works with GPS by which will tell you where is located the connection point and how to get it. You can even filter by type of establishment: restaurant, library, hotel, coffee, etc. Once located the place, you will have your contact details. The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and belongs to the list of free iPad apps holidaymakers. More »

Differences between the integrated graphics Haswell

Intel is one of the largest technology companies in the world, no doubt, but has a big problem, fails to enter the market of processors for smartphones and tablets.

This is because the micros based on x86 architecture, you find on computers running Windows capable, are very powerful but they need a lot of energy to function. That is not valid for use on mobile devices as quickly deplete the battery.

With its new design, which includes the Fourth Generation Core wants to change this and therefore be able to include its processors in all kinds of equipment. Though these may somehow forget their customers with desktop PCs.

This strategy includes many small changes. One of the key aspects is the integration of the largest number of elements in the micro chip itself. With this device gets smaller and consume less.

This is where comes in the integrated graphics card, which seeks greater graphics power and lower consumption that is what we have in a tablet or a smartphone.

All programs can be operated using the DirectX 11.1 standard. In addition to Open CL 1.2, and Open GL 4.0. This is where previous generations were weak. In essence you can stick with almost everyone but all the games that come out but not at extreme resolutions.

They have support for 4K video. And also it includes the ideal solution for those who are dedicated to encode videos or have a smartphone QuickSync block.

They are divided into the following models

You can find comoGt1 or Intel HD Graphics. We are within six points of execution. These are the same having for example the Sandy Bridge HD 2500 but obviously improved.

Designed for those who do not need big things like using office programs or surfing. They will be on Celeron and Pentium computers.

Intel in this range included three models. Specifically, the HD 4600 will be the most powerful you can find on a desktop PC. As you can see the manufacturer has saved the best for laptops.

It is the middle range, with 20 execution units by 16 of the fastest HD 4000 we could find in the Third Generation Core.

4200. Designed for computers with very limited power use. Their execution units operate at 200 MHz and 850 MHz mode turbo.Este is activated only when the computer is not very hot and therefore there is room to increase speed.

4400. The base rate is maintained and found models thanks to turbo mode can reach 1 or 1.1 GHz. This is achieved by simply increasing the maximum TDP.

4600. The most powerful that pulls on the desktop as you already comment. We are talking about a base of 350 MHZ speed you can get to 1.1GHz in turbo mode. Between 30% to 50% faster than the HD 4000 Ivy Bridge.

Both have in common 40 execution units both operate at 200 MHz base.

5000. Turbo up to 1.1 GHz.

5100. Turbo 1.1 GHz or 1.2 GHz depending on model.

40 includes within execution units. The difference is an additional memory within the micro chip itself. Being annexed to this it is very efficient. In particular it is 128 Megas.

This acts as a cache memory level four which can be used both by the processor as integrated graphics.

What if I turn off virtual memory?

If there is a controversial issue in relation to optimization in the PC world that is the activation or virtual memory. This is nothing more than an area of ​​the disk that is used to place there the data from the RAM that the system thinks you will not need immediately. In this way the computer has more memory to perform more tasks.

You let’s look at a simple example, you have a computer with 1 GB of RAM and start to load programs. You open one or two pages and notes as your favorite browser you eat without problems about 100 MB for each of them, what happens then if you keep opening more and more programs? At first it might seem logical that if we came to the limit of 1 GB told us that the system can no longer prevent you more and more pages open, but the reality is not so simple.

If we look in a historical way the relationship between the price of RAM and hard drives we see that the former has fallen faster than the others.

Virtual memory is simply a set of techniques that trick the program into believing that hard disk parts are RAM. This memory is governed by the operating systems that are the ones who decide which programs and data which are in RAM and hard disk. Normally if you have large amounts of RAM which will make Windows or any other will leave certain parts of the programs you have in the background, ie you do not use, on the disc.

It is by the use of virtual memory on some computers that delay when opening certain applications it shows.

It seems in principle that well-designed and implemented should not cause problems only benefits system, but it is not that simple. If you have little memory and you dislike the team can go to jumps in some older systems such as Windows 2000 or XP using virtual memory do more harm than good. It seems logical that if you are not able to process more data the system will say that, a simple message to close any browser screen or something but insists on adding more and more programs.

That is why for years or decades can find more articles on the Internet advocating not using this technique and explain how you disable your operating system. Moreover, this trend has increased when we have computers and operating systems seamlessly exceeding 4 GB of RAM and up.

If you disable some programs could start giving errors. This is the main reason you really leveled against non-activation of virtual memory. Many programs use large amounts of memory and optimize its performance for systems with virtual memory. Examples ?, ¿anyone who uses a lot of data like Photoshop, Autocad or video editors. If you’re using these programs, especially at the professional level, I do not ever recommend you disable virtual memory as these your time playing to lose some of your work by applying a filter for example.

Superfetch has less space to cache programs. A feature of modern operating systems is using RAM as cache programs you use most. Windows that technology is called Superfetch. The idea behind the operation is quite simple, put into RAM those parts of the programs that you think you will use. If you disable virtual memory your system will have less space to use as a cache.

It is not clear who would get benefits. They can be very limited because virtual memory is used only for background applications or windows think you will not use. In principle if you’re thinking about what should turn it off trying for a while before deciding.

The team does not have to do that job. Although over time the virtual memory management has improved the reality is quite complex or what is the same processor takes a long time to perform.

When using applications that let in the background, windows not let disk and therefore can open them faster. This is the main virtual memory to remove the reason although I say with all its drawbacks.

If you are a regular user, nothing, let Windows do it for you. Do not complicate the improvements that are going to get are very few to take risks. If you have little memory or working memory-intensive programs the same as the above, do not complicate.

If you want to do it is a matter of test and see if for your use worth.

FAQ Sony PS Vita console

The official name of the new handheld console Sony PlayStation Vita is or PS Vita but is also popularly known as PSP Vita, PSP 2, PSP NGP (NGP: New Generation Portable).

Is the PS Vita 3d?

Sony has created two versions of the console, the PS Vita PS Vita Wifi and 3G that features three-dimensional graphics.

Does the PS Vita larger screen than its predecessors?

The screen is large and a little heavier than its nearest predecessor, namely the PSP 3000 or PSP Brite call.

Click to know the features of the PS Vita

The games are region PS Vita?

PS Vita games are not zoned, it is that can be played on the console both purchased in the United States in the same way as those obtained in Europe or other areas ..

Can you play PSP games on PS Vita or vice versa?

Some reports indicate that you can play some PSP titles on the PS Vita, but this does not work the same in contrast, ie the PSP games do not run on the PS Vita.

Can I use the PSP UMD in the PS Vita console?

The PSP UMD can not be used on the PS Vita.

How many slots have the PS Vita?

Sony’s console has 2 slots. One connection for online games and the other for the expandable memory.

What kind of memory cards can be used in the PS Vita?

Memory cards PS Vita are specific to the console. Definitely not puden cards used other Sony products.

¿Making a comparison between the PS Vita and PSP, which is more powerful?

Undoubtedly, the PS Vita is more powerful than the PSP and it is based on the Quad Core processor that exceeds all respects to the Processor Dual Core PSP-3000.

Does PS Vita battery is longer than the predecessor console?

This depends on the game as graphic intensive titles like Uncharted the result may be less than desired. However, in games without both graphic LittleBigPlanet requirement as the result will be equal.

What are the new features of the PS Vita?

The PS Vita has a dynamic display on the front like the Nintendo DS and added another on the back pad. The Vita also has microphone, gyro and an accelerometer.

What is the use of touch screens in the PS Vita?

The players love the touch screen (touch screen). This can be seen in the success of smartphones that possess this quality and it is a fact that touch screens consoles have provided a new genre of games.

In addition, the DS owns it and you have to be clear that Nintendo is the main competitor of Sony consoles and games ..

Do PS Vita games will be better than those of the PlayStation 3 by having touch screen (touch screen)?

The answer is unknown and only time will tell.

Are there many games for the PS Vita?

Yes. You can see the list of new games PS Vita 2012.

When was released the PS Vita market?

The PS Vita hit the stores in the United States on the last half of February 2012.

How much does the PS Vita?

Click for the price of the PS Vita in United States

Is it worthwhile to buy the PS Vita console?

The concept of the PS Vita have let addicts have a portable console games with a wide range of superior or different home consoles features.

The history of video game consoles, whether the origin of the Wii, the origin of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are intended to serve players, both occasional and daily those who seek entertainment on these platforms.

The addition of new features such as touch screen, gyroscope and microphone are novel but when looking titles that respond exclusively to these elements, the result is poor, ie, producing games have not yet been standardized when appropriate to publish this technological breakthrough titles.