State of Decay: 8 tricks and strategies to die

(Continued analysis of State of Decay)

State of Decay is of the very few simulators, settlement building and resource gathering there for the Xbox 360.

It is a world devastated by the zombie invasion and a group of survivors who must build a fortress to live with some comfort. Of course the necessary materials to be found out … there where they live these eats brains and just where begins this excellent game XBLA.

Having already made the corresponding analysis, it is then necessary to teach them tricks to die 8 in State of Decay.

1. Neglecting basic resources

If your base does not have enough beds, people will succumb to the effects of sleep deprivation and eventually, they will go to seek a better accommodation. If you also do not have enough food, they will starve. Skimp gas and electricity and heating will not have so they also die of cold.

Solution: Check out the bar indicating the status of the base, located at the top left of the screen. There are 4 counters: The first 2 relate to food and medicine and are those that require constant monitoring and decreasing every day depending on the number of people and injured. Depletion of either is lethal.

If you want to broaden the base, you require building materials. The stock of ammunition is also a factor, for obvious reasons, to keep in mind.

2. Go through the story without proper preparation

The more progress in the main story of State of Decay, ugliest and dangerous hordes of zombies are attacking you. At the beginning, you just have to worry about basic resources as there will be few “walkers” and the fighting will be one on one. Then they will come not only for groups but also faster and stronger, like runners Left 4 Dead 2.

Solution: No progress in the missions. Just dedicate yourself to pool resources and improve the base camp without fulfilling the tasks dictated by the game.

3. Overcome your inventory space

The inventory has space for 8 items. Later in the game you can improve and expand. You can release slots destroying objects. The problem arises when we must decide between keeping weapons, medicine or food. In fact, the other night I had to demolish a beautiful cricket bat to make room for some morphine.

Solution: Find the resources to expand the locker.

This game held earlier this year, our Top 10 XBLA

4. Send one of your men to get something too far and certainly not return (and human)

By exploring the buildings, you’ll occasionally stumble across caches of ammunition, medicines, building materials and food that can not be ignored. The options at this time are two: a) Load a second backpack with the risk of losing strength and having to slowly return to base.

b) Call Home on the radio for another survivor come for the goods.

The last option is usually preferred, because you can continue exploration while someone else does the heavy work, but keep in mind the considerations of the land. Survivors must travel on foot to gather resources and most likely who come to your aid will meet with Zombies. If things get particularly sticky, you may who came to seek the elements diminish their trust in you. If he survives, of course. Opposite case…

5. Avanza noisily

Any kind of noise is a guarantee that the Zombies come running and jumping from all directions. Remember that the best weapon is one that can not be heard, that is, shotguns and machine guns are guaranteed to be the main course. Remember that in your workshop you can make silent weapons.

6. Abandon the route with your vehicle to get stuck somewhere in the middle of the forest

In State of Decay choches there are many to choose from. There are eccentric and modern as well as old van, trucks, buses, etc. On every trip you make, surely atropellar√°s Zombies and this means that the bumper will leave damaging. You need to watch the general condition of the vehicle.

Also, if you venture off the main route, try to make sure that no previously zanjones and the terrain is smooth. Otherwise, you have to follow your journey on foot. Try to improve your Workshop (workshop) with improved “self-repair-of-vehicles” and thus make the cars parked in your base will gradually and automatically repaired.

7. Stick to one character so that when I die, you have no replacement

State of Decay encourages the player to participate changing roles with each of the characters allowing increased with respective experiences, skills of each. Basically we change when fatigue sets in and the resistance drops to a minimum.

Have a favorite character that always fight, no doubt will greatly increase their strength skills, attack and others but at the expense, the remaining characters will be weak. The day that your favorite is eaten by zombies, it will be a collection of useless.

The suggestion is that ossicles in the use of survivors.

8. Ignore the possibility of creating outposts (Outposts)

The Outposts are small areas where you’re safe. Usually they are somewhat far from your main base and serve to rest, feed and eventually heal on long journeys. The number of outposts is limited so think carefully where the put. Also, remember manufacture them so they are easily identifiable. Mainly at night. … Otherwise you’ll be wandering in the dark forest and we know what it means.

Remember that already left the DLCs called State of Decay: Lifeline and State of Decay Breakdown