Terraria Minecraft VS (X360)

Minecraft has stopped being a game and has gone on to become a genre said Terraria creator. This praise from the competition is perhaps the way to avoid charges relating to Terraria is a clone of Minecraft.

One way or another, Terraria is not the only set of building blocks of the Xbox LIVE Arcade store.

Terraria say is an imitation of Minecraft is wrong because the differences between the two are large enough for both games fill their respective niches.

This comparison between Terraria and Minecraft seeks to affirm what is best and under the pros and cons of each, because you can analyze what best suits your style of play. You’re welcome.


The most obvious difference between these games is that Minecraft takes place in a 3D world, while setting Terraria is 2D.

Minecraft lets you build, spacious houses with huge rooms. Terraria supports do the same, but with limitations in 2D and in this last title, the buildings never feel stylish scale.

The scan also greatly affected: In Minecraft is easy to miss while in Terraria find the way back home is a matter of remembering whether it is left or right. On this last point, say one is better than another is impossible because the review is strictly subjective. Some may be frustrated by the enormity of the world of Minecraft, especially after finding a huge diamond deposit but be unable to possess the distance on the way back home. For others, this is part of the fun.

Size Worlds

Both games allow freely explore the worlds created haphazardly. This means that no player can repeat your gaming experience. Minecraft world is literally infinite. You can walk in any direction while the game will continue to generate territory to explore.

If you need more resources, just walk to find it.

The world Terraria is limited. You can select the size of the map that you play your game: Map small, medium or large. Similarly, little is really huge. However, it is not infinite, even the big map has an end point, basically, a sea in which you wander and you drown.

Transfer of resources

Speaking of resources, Terraria actually has an interesting feature that lets you take resources from one world to another. That means that if you have the best armor in the game and decide you’d like to play on the server of a friend for a while, then you can take the armor. This also means that you can achieve a ton of ore Demonite, for example, in the world of a friend and then bring it all back to you. This actually helps offset the problem of “finite resources” we saw one of the points from above. Of course, there are people out there who consider this deception and refuse to carry objects between worlds. I guess if you do not like this feature, you are free to not use it. Anyway, I consider it extremely useful and Minecraft does not have anything like that.

Creating tools

The development in both games requires a lot of knowledge. So either way, you’re going to spend some time browsing online tutorials. However, the discovery of the recipes in Terraria makes it much easier due to the fact that the order placement ingredients does not matter. The only thing it is to have all the ingredients in the inventory. In Minecraft, you must know the exact pattern by placing each of the elements. However, none of these systems is superior, each has its pros and cons. Terraria only minimizes the importance of manual production and makes the process faster.

In Minecraft, the craft has a very important role, so players must complete an incredibly deep system in drawing objects.

Another thing to consider is that Terraria has an incredible amount of crafts. In fact, much more than Minecraft. Terraria even allows weapons of science fiction as laser swords (War of the Clones) while Minecraft stays with the largest selection of swords and arrows but with feet on the ground.

The function of the construction of Minecraft is much more complex. With its system of Redstone circuits and special blocks, players can do some very creative things. You want to build a music box? How about cheating liftgate? Someone has even built an adding machine, basically a simple and clear computer to do all this is not possible in Terraria.