Tips for choosing a word processor for your tablet

In all tablets in general, even emphasizing the iPad, they are described as devices to consume content and play, but not to write more or less long documents. To counter this idea, I must say that the word processor is an app that abounds in app stores, there are many that will be difficult to select one without feeling full of doubts. Therefore, in this article I will tell you some ways that can help you succeed in your choice of a text editor that perfectly suits your needs.

The first step is to choose an application to write that suits your profile. To do keep in mind what you will use, what is your daily activity: Are you a student, housewife, freelancer or corporate executive? If you are a student you may need basic word processor to take notes and written work.

On the other hand, a housewife probably need only a simple application for taking notes, calendar type, while a professional and an executive require, in addition to a word processor, a complete suite that includes a program for presentations, base data and spreadsheets.

Thinking about your activity will help you decide what type of writing texts most often: long texts and documents, articles and short notes or posts for blogs. Text editors tablet may have limited the number of documents, so if you write profusely you may still need to opt for a more powerful word processor (both capacity and speed of response).

Currently it is essential that you can synchronize your word processor with other platforms and applications like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. This allows you to take full advantage of the portability of your tablet pc, because you can access your files anywhere (provided you have an Internet connection). In this context, it also measures your interest in sharing content in social networks, send them by e-mail or print and if the word processor makes it easy.

Following the question of compatibility, check to see if you can export the contents to write as a text file, especially facing the Microsoft Office and Markdown, a simple system to create formatted text that has become popular as an alternative to HTML, much more complex. Another desirable extension is PDF, among others.

As important as this it is that the application to write has a version for cell, either iPhone or Android and even the iPod Touch, to have all your synced devices and avoid duplication of work, even in sync with iTunes to manage your media.

If you are a writer whose inspiration are your own muses, it will suffice processor minimalist texts, without distraction and a simple interface, but if you’re a blogger, journalist, editor or writer, it is desirable that the application includes a native browser for research on the network without leaving the processor as you type.

Going further, if you have to create more full texts, check that you can insert images, graphs, charts, videos and links in your document and to what level of detail comes this in terms of the presentation of the text (word count, characters and pages, search within the text and replace assigning a URL, etc.).

Speaking of touch devices, it is appropriate to let you know that the ideal is that an application to write exploits this feature expediting thus your activity, I mean the ability to interact with rapid gestures with a smooth response from the tablet pc more even if you do not have a physical keyboard or are “in transit”.

If you are someone who used to “costumizar” everything it touches, you should assess how a word processor allows you to customize your interface, fonts, margins, etc. or whether it is a rigid application in which you can not adjust anything. Generally, word processors for tablets are minimal and only a few offer templates or themes to change their appearance.

Most write apps for tablets are extra. Only ten are free and the more comprehensive are more expensive, but to tell the truth, are not extremely expensive when compared with the $ 100 it costs the “Home” version of Office. But what really matters is that you pay for a word processor that has a good value for money, that is, that gives you the most important features such as synchronization capabilities and compatibility.

With these tips you can already prepare a check list with the capabilities you want to have your word processor and look at what is both iOS App Store, and Google Play for Android, free or paid.