Top 5 applications of terror that ravage the Apple Store

It costs 0.79 € and has been created by Legacy Effects LLC. Thank you and it can transform your picture or any other friend vampire, Frankenstein, witch, werewolf, demon, or a combination of all of them. That is to say, is an App that comes in handy to celebrate Halloween.

As for the quality of the effects is a fairly successful application. If you like the end result of photography (including effects) you can save it and share it through social networks.

ZombieBooth is a free application created by Motion Portrait. This app, like the previous one, allows you to “zombify” to anyone and share it on your social network (facebook, twitter, Tuenti, Google Plus, etc.). Select a photo from your album and in seconds you can have this same imagine converted.

It includes more than 50 variations. The process is very simple: take or choose a photo, ZombieBooth detects eyes and mouth, and in just over 5 seconds have a zombie who is willing to pluck and eat your finger.

As you can see in the image of the App, the quality of the animation is very good,. More »

This is not an any application. Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular games in the App Store, with more than 500,000 downloads in a month. It costs € 0.99.

With this application, developed by PopCap, you must be well tuned to stop these cute zombies or they will eat you. An original game where your weapons are plants, and you have up to 49 different, so you have to know manage not to fall defeated by these zombies.

I grant because I’ve already tried, Plants vs Zombies is addictive and guarantees many hours of fun;. More »

There is nothing more fun than a joke on your friends during the day Hallowen with the terrifying sounds and otherworldly of Free Halloween Sounds Pro.

This application allows you to choose one or more ghoulish sounds to be heard at a time. Thanks to its timer you can program a sequence of sounds to be played until two minutes later. And so fool your friends!

And to make everything more professional you can use another Apple device to control sounds. To do this, the two devices are connected via bluetooth. This way you can hide a device where your evil intentions they see fit, and control it from a distance (either passes you with distance). Your friends will be hearing the terrifying sounds and be heartbroken without knowing who plays the terrible sound!

As its name suggests (free) is free;. More »

Terror Italian with Monsterize! It works with the front camera of the iPhone. Aim for the face, take a picture and select one of the masks available for “tunearla”. You can send the results to your friends through your Facebook, Twitter or even email;. More »