What is an AMD processor A10

AMD processors are 10 in which the graphics card is integrated is what is known as a family APU Series A. This saves space, less energy is consumed and gets more fluid communication between the processor and the Graphic card.

The first models A10 appear on the market in July 2012 but could only find in prefabricated equipment, ie could not go to a store to buy them, leaving the final output for October of that year.

We are facing a processor that can save a lot of money if you do not have a very high performance needs. Its large integrated graphics card makes it perfect to save not buying a discreet if not’ll need to something special such as games.

The issue between AMD and Intel is always open. AMD in general and in recent years means low and competitive prices and Intel is speed but instead of paying it.

2012. The first is based on the Piledriver technology is improving bulldozer that was created in turn to improve the K10 architecture. In this case the nuclei are not complete, as they share between groups of two floating point unit this architecture is called CMT. This makes having problems with certain applications such as the generation of three-dimensional image, video encoding or image processing. His name is A10-5xxx.

2013. Based on Piledriver also. A10-6xxx they called. Among other things improves integrated graphics.

Piledriver 2014. We moved to Kaveri. They are called as could not be otherwise A10-7xxx.