Windows RT, the version for Windows 8 tablets

See update at end of article

In our article on operating systems tablets commented that Microsoft was working on a version of its Windows 8 specially designed for these devices. Well, it is already available to users: it is called Windows RT and then you have your specifications in detail.

Windows RT becomes the tablet version of the new Windows 8 (the latter has been developed for desktop computers, notebooks and netbooks). The tactility of the tablets (its ability to be operated through touch on the screen), its portability and its design-oriented functions that do not require much processing power justify these possess a proprietary operating system.

This also has its disadvantages: unlike most traditional computers, which you can install the operating system of our choice, tablets only work with a particular operating system.

In the case of Windows RT, for now it will only work with Microsoft’s own tablet (the Surface RT) and ASUS Vivo Tab RT, although several manufacturers are developing new models of tablets that also carry this operating system. Thus, Samsung has announced the launch model ATIV Tab, which will operate with Windows RT.

Microsoft has adopted the same policy as Apple with its iPad: You can only use the “official” applications downloaded from the online store, unlike Android which gives greater freedom in this regard. This implies that at the beginning, users of Windows RT tablets will not have access to as many apps as the iPad or tablets with operativoAndroid system.

Does not work with all kinds of accessories or peripherals (printers, mice, keyboards, etc.) but only with “certificates” for that operating system. The advantage is that these cases do not need to download “drivers”.

Despite that, like other operating systems for tablets, it can be used only on certain devices (for now the Surface RT and the ASUS Vivo Tab RT), the Windows RT brings a more modern tablet concept, not only with a friendly interface intuitive, but also with greater possibilities of customization.

Another advantage is the inclusion of certain applications, such as Office RT package. However, when only able to download applications from the Windows Store, the OS part with some disadvantage compared to Apple iOS or Android, which have hundreds of thousands of applications available.

Update: What to do with a Windows RT tablet?

For various reasons Windows RT did not have the expected success. Among the users there was dissatisfaction with the limited number of apps available on the online store and problems were also raised with manufacturer support (NVIDIA) processors of the Surface RT and Surface 2, the first tablets that led this operating system. If you have a Windows RT tablet you can upgrade to Windows 8.1 RT, but you’ll probably have problems if you try to upgrade to Windows 10 as they are not compatible.

Another option is to give the tablet to a child or an elderly person who wishes to start in the technological world, always bearing in mind that the W RT is a limited operating system, in fact so began because Microsoft believed, at the time, it better for touch and mobile devices was adapted OS and not a complete Windows, time has shown that he was wrong on this point. Users want complete, stable and solid systems, even in the case of auxiliary devices such as tablets.

An alternative use for Windows RT tablet is like word processor as you can run a basic office with Office 2013 for free.

Windows RT tablet par excellence is the Surface of Microsoft, whose versions so far (nov. 2015) are

Surface RT (2012)

2 suface (Widnows RT) and Surface Pro 2 (Windows 8) (2013)

Surface Pro 3 (with Windows 8.1. Pro) (2014)

Surface Pro 4 (with Windows 10 Pro) (2015)